Chrissy’s FM tactic with Optimized Set Pieces

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Chrissy's 442 FM23 Tactic Brighton Prem 1st season Win undefeated, no transfers.

4-4-1-1 system that has optimized set pieces both offensively and defensively. That means throw ins, all freekick scenarios and corners. I am not making any bold claims about this tactic other than to say its merely the best one I can come up with for this patch.

Tactical Formation


Tips for using the tactic

Game management

If you get a player sent off with the 4411, take off the AMC to replace the position.

If a player gets booked early on take-off hte “Tackle Harder” player instruction. If they give up a freekick or are injured as well shortly after - sub them, no matter how early as this is an indication, they are going to get a red card soon. Any players with injuries, even slight, sub them.

Team talks and shouts - situational analysis
In terms of instructions pre-halftime and post-game I generally say nothing before the game or “I expect to keep this good run going”, if things are not going well or we are underdogs. I’ll every 10 minutes or so "Demand More" as a shout or at every possible opportunity. At halftime I’d go assertive "I'm far from pleased with what I just saw from this team" if only up by two goals and aggressive "I'm far from pleased with what I just saw from this team" at halftime if only drawing or one goal up. If three goals up at halftime and/or after a win, I’d praise the team. I'd also "praise" the team via a shout if two goals ahead. I don’t use OI’s and don’t delegate them either.

Set pieces
There is no exploits, let the AI assign players for roles. I do not assign set piece takers and tbh as long as your FC or DC’s are not assigned to it naturally, the set pieces will work fine. There are no pre-defined set piece takers apart from throw in takers DL left and DR right.

Giving yourself the best chance of success in FM
To give yourself the best chance of winning you need a happy and fit squad. That means engaging with players and managing injuries. Have training schedules that keep your squad fit. Ideally you should deal with any player issues etc to maintain morale and if you do not holiday between games and deal with player concerns you should achieve better results. If players are not performing, drop them and tell them why. Ideally you should never play a player below 90% condition and those with low percentage match sharpness should be eased in gently.

Player Selection
This is hugely important. In a perfect world to make the best use of any tactic you need players that are up for it and are physically capable of lasting the 90+ minutes. Therefore, you need players that have a strong baseline of the following attributes - determination, anticipation, decisions, teamwork, work rate, stamina, acceleration, pace, natural fitness. Anything under 13 for these wouldn’t be in a team I select preferably at the top level. Lower this value as you go down the leagues.

Obviously signing young players is preferable for development and reselling and also there are attributes for each position that are desirable as well, but ideally you want your baseline for those main stats to be above the average of your competitors in the competitions you are in in order to have any chance.

Player management is also important. Do not holiday between games, deal with player concerns and rotate and keep healthy players in the side at all times. Do not play a player if they are below 90% condition and substitute any injured or mildly injured players immediately. Likewise, if you can substitute any player going into the red zone of 50% condition. The stronger the baseline of the players, the less likely they will tire. I generally would never play a player with determination below 12/13 if I can help it at any level in the game. Determination is the one key stat I always put above others.

I keep my squads happy by playing my first team in the league and in Europe, with my second-choice players playing in the cups or in league game I am an overwhelming favourite.

The Chrissy FM23 Tactic is a version which has less bookings. I prefer this.




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