Im have tried pretty hard to create a short passing, high dribbling tactic with IWBs that works solidly and so far this is the best tested tactic I have made. Simulating through most of a season as Napoli, we had the second least conceded, and the second most scores for and finished. Had by far the least shots conceded. I simmed the season using a vanilla databas with no settings to prevent injuries, or increase tactical familiarity, or aid my assistant manager in any way. However, I did bring in a few players that suited the roles better than the Napoli team already had (like swapping out Insigne for Havertz for example).

Best to use a back three with varying skills. My CD-Cover is very quick with great marking, he is set to go easier in tackles, the stopper is better on the ball with high tackling. I would recommend well rounded IWBs. I favour convertings solid midfielders into IWBs, speed and dribbling is good, but I wouldnt sacrifice it for below average tackling, passing, vision, and especially teamwork.

I have gone with one powerful Shadow striker, the other is more technical and creative and would recommend the same for the Mezzalas. One who is far better attacking and technical, one who is more well rounded physically and defensively but can still attack well.

Not sure who I got the set piece routing from (sorry), but its mostly unchanged accept for the throw ins which i changed to shorter... as you can see in SS we dont get many goals from corners, if you use this tactic definitely check the attacking corners tactic... it does looks solid to me, but worth looking at further.
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