So my goal with this tactic was to make a basic tactic that could work well for most teams given the simple roles I wanted to build around. I wanted to split the field in two lateral halves inverting one winger with a more defensive mid behind him and an attacking WB providing width, the other side has an attacking winger and midfielder with a supportive wing back providing the support behind them.

As you can see from the results, the tactic works extremely well offensively. Especially the AF who topped the league for goals individually. The team by far outscored the rest of the league with 87 goals for the season. Next best was on 68. The Complete Forward was 3rd in the league for goals scored too and we were outliers with aggressive clinical finishing. Possession is not important for this tactic, it is about creating quality chances.

Sorry for the confusion with the test results screen, you will notice the team I am testing as is called Valenciaxxx, it was just a test name I made cause I do all my tests in create a club mode, the team is Real Betis, but I added Soler to the team from Valencia because my real save will be as Valencia and Betis didnt have a great option for right wing. The rest of the team is vanilla. The left wingers have a combined value of $4 million and the left centreback is only worth 1 mill so the team is definitely overperforming to come second.

The set pieces are a modified version of another users set piece tactic. I think Danwolf's corner tactic, but Im not sure. The throw in tactics are my own modified version.
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