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Always enjoyed the 4-4-2 formation since I was a kid!
As enjoyable as the successful formations on FM have been over the years, the 4231, 451, 433, 352 etc, I've always always always wanted to find a successful 442 formation. This year I've made it my target to make one.

Also over the years I've always thought long term. My signings are primarily 23 and under. Preferably like to have a squad of players aged 25 and under. Any current player aged 27+ I try to get rid of, obviously with a few exceptions.

The first season, regardless of who I am, is just seen as a "building" season. A chance to get rid of who I don't want pre-season, if not then get rid in January, worst case scenario at the end of the season. A chance to "bed in" any youngsters I bring in. If I win any trophies then great. If not, it's not the end of the world. Basically first season I use to get everyones "lines" on the tactic green!! The earlier you have them playing together the better.

What I've found with this tactic is it works wonders for the strikers (you can see from the uploads).

You can see in the comments it's worked for a mixed standard of teams. For e.g. I tried with Tranmere Rovers who were predicted to finish 18th, yet I got them into playoffs without any signings etc, just a few loan players. I've also tried this with Dortmund and Celtic and it's worked great. Won the German League and Champions League with Dortmund, won 35 out of 38 (drew the other 3) with Celtic and reached Champions League Semi-Final (knocked out on penalties vs Inter) with a squad of players aged 23 and under.

My Assistant takes control of opposition instructions and general training.

I take care of individual training, by this I mean I "train" each player to play in the role in the tactic i.e. my left/right midfielders training as RM/LM > WINGER > ATTACK etc.

I've not taken any notice whether a right footed player is better on the left etc, I've just trained them to relevant position and taken it from there.

Would appreciate any feedback, hope it works well for others.
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