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DNZ 433 - Go for it!

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** Note for this tactic to be at its best the below positions are important

Wing backs - these players are involved a lot and provide a lot of chances for the poacher
Poacher - For me an all-rounder is best here. Someone who is above 6 ft2, reasonable pace, strength finishing and heading. They don't all have to be top but the more the better. Someone like Lorenzo Lucca, Piccoli, Haaland are all perfect here.


Near post corners are set up to target the poacher, i find that strong strikers still score a lot with these, certainly more than CH's so gain emphasizing the need for a solid poacher. If playing with a smaller poacher please change corners to target CH at near post.

Ran on the tactic testing league with England and got 125 points. Over 3 tests for me on my 2 main games Dundee Utd and Newcastle and also a quick try with Dortmund it looks like a tactic that's quite comfortable in that it dominates possession, scores an average of 2-3 goals, and very rarely concedes

As you can see from screenshots the average ratings of all players over last 5 games are all high - havent showed all time ratings since i have actually been messing around with tactics recently and for a while was doing poor so would include ratings from other tactics
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