FIFA World League

FIFA World League 2019-12-10

It’s finally done!

Hey Guys! It took me a while (I’m a newly parent, give me a break) but I finally finished The FIFA World Leagues!

So let me talk to you about the new setup, as it changed a bit from last year.

As you know, Football Manager is asking a lot from our pc setups this year, and it shows on a database like this one, that has many teams and lots of divisions and levels.

After a few tries and errors. I decided the least demanding setup for the game this year is to have more divisions, but less levels. At the same time, the most criticism I got this last couple was the excessive amount of funds available (which I tried to divert most of it to the cups) and how easy it was to move up the divisions. At the same time i felt the Premier Division had so many title contenders, each game turned more into a roullete than a proper championship. With that in mind I’ve made a few changes this year:

Firstly, let us try to guess why would the clubs accept an arrangement like this, and for me it’s simple: Keeping the status quo, and money. For that reason, clubs will get money based on their table positions based on the worlds richest leagues (Bundesliga, Premier League, Bundesliga II; Ligue 1, Serie A);

On most divisions, only the champion will get automatic promotion, with the runner up having to go to a playoff (Promotion from level 4 to 3 is na exception to This);

The Premier League has two divisions. By March the 4 best teams from each divison will play a Champions Playoff to determine the Champion;

Number of teams in each division has been reduced to 16 instead of the usual 20 (the World League is na exception to this);

The number of divisions will double at each level, untill League three. League four has the same divisions as three, and the World League will have 8.

So, what is the World League?

There was something bugging my mind all this years... If this database is called FIFA World League, it should have a representative from each country. Otherwise, it’s not very “Worldie”.

That’s why this year we have the World League. It’s the lowest level on the database, But it will have a member from each country in the World that didn’t have a spot on higher levels!

Also, I managed to get some more teams inside the database without a proper division, so for the first time, if you have a bad season you can get demoted from the last playable level (which will get you sacked).

There’s also a cup for the “Professional” leagues, and a cup for the Word League and below. Most pcs would melt if it was just one cup. Trust me on this one...

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy it and give me you feedback!
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