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Fire and Water 4321 MILANO! 1st season double 89pts lost 1 1

First of all, ALL credit goes to Knap as he is the creator of this tactic that i just love to tweak!
today i discovered something about my beloved Fire and Water 4321. My favourite tactic of the FM20 series and have tweak it multiple times, but also had issues with teams that sit back and defend. i have no problem with shooting, but the chances were not quality chances...i easily could have 30 shots and 15 on target but only score i think i found the fix at Milan...DRIBBLE LESS TI!
Training used was my guide :

This is my Milan, 1st season. only made loan signings so i bought NO "superstars"...only lost 1 game despite being predicted to finish 6th
most impressive stat for me though, i never lost an away game all season!
The Set i had two set ups
Against the defensive teams:

The aim here is to stretch the pitch more as most teams played very defensive and with 5 defenders. Stretch the pitch and DRIBBLE LESS. This keeps better possession to create better chances


against the top teams:

Plays more like the original tactic. But i went very narrow and removed work ball into box. Aim was to stay tight and hit teams on the counter attack. Your wingers will/should keep the width


OIS! YES! this save i used OIs! but not how you would usually expect it to be used...


when selecting my OI, i select the opponents most dangerous player (or players, 2 max against a very good team) and i use tight marking on "never". The idea is that the tactic already instructions every to mark tight, but marking too tight on opponents most dangerous player could be a bad thing, as they can beat the tight mark and will have space and time. this method worked for me from the very first game!

how identify opponents most dangerous? it will usually be the player with good flair, dribbling, first very skillful player...Against Juve, i marked Dybala. Against Napoli, i marked Insigne. Against Lazio, i marked both Correa and Luis Alberto. Against Inter, i marked both Martinez (has very dangerous off the ball movement) and Lukaku (very strong in the air, he will beat me most times if i mark tight)

Impressive away results:


All results:


Finally. My game status. I am ONLY posting this so people aren't suspicious of saving and reloading (cheating). I've recently seen people questioning or insinuating that people are cheating/editing.


ALL league games were played and none were instant resulted. ONLY cup games up until Napoli in the Semi Final were instant resulted
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