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[FM 21] South of Brazil as a *NEW NATION*

[FM 21] South of Brazil as a *NEW NATION* 2021-03-28

An update from my previous post.
I remade the nation of Southern Brazil in Football Manager 2021.

Southern Brazil has a unique heritage and culture, so I thought I should make a new nation represent it in Football Manager.

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  • New nation called "Southern Brazil"
  • All cities in Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina are now in southern Brazil
  • All teams from southern Brazil now have southern Brazil as their "national base"
  • German, Italian, Hunsrik German, East Pomeranian German and Brazilian Venetian added to the national languages of southern Brazil
  • Hunsrik.
  • Players born in the south of Brazil have changed their nationality to "south-brazilian", unless they already have an international team from another country.
  • New regions in southern Brazil created for each state (Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul).
  • Newgen players from Germany, Italy, Poland and Ukraine will now appear in teams from Southern Brazil
  • Diaspora players who have German and Italian surnames received a second nationality corresponding to their surname
  • German and Austrian players treated as non-foreigners in southern Brazil
  • Greater chance of getting European affiliated clubs
  • National transfer preferences in southern Brazil include Germany, Austria and Italy
  • New flags made for the nation of Southern Brazil

Parana is in Yellow - Santa Catarina is in Green - Rio Grande do Sul is Red

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