[FM21] Around the Globe - Megapack by DaveTheEditor

[FM21] Around the Globe - Megapack by DaveTheEditor V2

The earth is round, just like the ball. If Corona deprives us of the opportunity to spend our well-deserved holidays around the world, then we have no choice but to satisfy this desire in Football Manager. There are hardly any countries in the world that do not have a breathtaking football league to invite you to put a team on the throne of football. So now it's time to get to the computer/laptop.

All Continents included!
- CAF (56/56)

- AFC (42/42)
- UEFA (20/20)
- CONCACAF (41/41)
- OFC (15/15)
- CONMEBOL (5/5)

This megapack will give you the most realistic experience in Football Manager ever.
All Nations are made via the advanced editor with changes in the following areas:
- Squad registration rules (Foreigner-Rules, Age-restrictions)
- Real league format like apertura/clausura, League groups (For ex. Kap Verde with X-Groups)
- Realistic TV-Money*
- Realistic Price Money**
- VAR added where it›s used
- New Clubs created where it›s needed
- Real TV Broadcasting added
- Worldwide Youth Academies like ASPIRE Academy, Right to Dream Academy now produce newgens (Thanks to @Daveincid for the suggestion)
All these changes are crucial to guarantee an overall balance in your save game.
I work closely together with @Daveincid. His megapack is fully compatible with my megapack and I highly recommend it.

* Real values if sources were available. calculated values according to a Nations average expenditure (Wages etc.) to ensure, these Clubs are represented financially as realistic as possible.
** Real values if sources were available. calculated similarly to TV-Money to ensure balance.​
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