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FM21 - Dodgee Gamer’s International Competitions Megapack

FM21 - Dodgee Gamer’s International Competitions Megapack 2021-04-07

Welcome Dodgee Gamer’s International Competitions Megapack and unlock new senior and youth tournaments for your international management save.

NOTE! Some of the more recently created files are only available for the 21.4 updates. Make sure you start a new save with the latest database if you want the full experience!

International management has always been one of my favourite challenges on Football Manager. While it lacks the depth of the club game, it allows for a change of pace and it makes for a fun second save.

Of course, the major continental championships are all in the game such as the Euros, Copa America, and AFCON. Minor competitions such as the UEFA Nations League and the Asian sub-confederation tournaments are also in the vanilla game, but several regular tournaments are missing.

I have therefore delved into the editor to create 50+ additional senior and youth tournaments to expand your international management options.

Which Competitions are included in this collection?

The initial megapack (compatible with 21.0 and listed further down this post) contained 21 senior and youth tournaments. Since then, thanks to messages and suggestions from the FM community, I have found many more!

I have therefore now made 3 different collections:

International Competitions Collection (19 real senior tournaments and friendly competitions)
Youth Competitions Collections (more than 20 tournaments for age groups from U18 to U23)
Bonus Competitions Collections (10+ past or fictional tournaments)
More competitions are being made and added all the time so subscribe to the Steam collections to stay up to date. If you have any requests or suggestions for an international tournament to be created, join my discord.

If you like to learn more about managing national teams or great national management challenges you can discover more tutorials, tips and recommendations on my Youtube channel.

International Competitions Collection
  • FIFA Arab Cup
  • Indian Ocean Island Games
  • Airmarine Cup (annual friendly tournament hosted by Malaysia)
  • Bangabandhu Gold Cup (biannual friendly tournament hosted by Bangladesh)
  • China International Cup (annual friendly tournament hosted by China)
  • HERO Intercontinental Cup (annual friendly tournament hosted by India)
  • King’s Cup (annual friendly tournament hosted by Thailand)
  • Kirin Challenge Cup (annual friendly tournament hosted by Japan)
  • COSAFA Cup
  • WAFU Cup of Nations
  • AFF-EAFF Champions Trophy
  • CAFA Central Asian Championship
  • Gulf Cup of Nations
  • International Friendship Tournament (annual friendly tournament hosted by Iraq for west/central Asian nations)
  • ABCS Tournament
  • Leeward Islands Tournament
  • Windward Islands Tournament
  • Baltic Cup
Youth Competitions Collection
  • Bolivarian Games (U18 tournament for South and Central American nations)
  • Central American & Caribbean Games (U20 tournaments for South/Central American and Caribbean nations)
  • COTIF U20 Tournament (annual youth tournament hosted by Spain)
  • Jeux de la Francophonie (U20 tournament for French speaking nations)
  • Lusofonia Games (U20 tournament for Portuguese speaking nations)
  • Mediterranean Games (U20 tournament for nations on/near the Mediterranean coastline)
  • Panda Cup (annual U19 tournament hosted by China)
  • Valentin Granatkin Memorial Cup (annual youth tournament hosted by Russia)
  • Central Asian U23 and U19 Championships
  • China-ASEAN Youth Tournament (annual U19 tournament hosted by China with nations from South-East Asia plus one European guest)
  • EAFF U19 Tournament
  • East Asian Games (U23)
  • Gulf U23 Cup of Nations
  • South Asian Federation Games (U23)
  • South-East Asian Games (U23)
  • South-East Asian U22 and U19 Championships
  • WAFF U23 Championship
  • Baltic Cup (U21 and U19)
  • Central American Games (U20)
BONUS Competitions Collection
Former Tournaments:
  • Balkan Nations Cup
  • Canada Maple Cup
  • CEMAC Cup (Central African nations)
  • Home International Championship
  • Melanesia Cup (Oceania)
  • Micronesian Games (Oceania/Asia)
  • Polynesian Cup (Oceania)
  • Nordic Cup
  • Superclasico de las Americas
Fictional Tournaments:
  • Copa Latina
  • Mitropa International Cup
  • UNAF Championship
  • World Soccer Series

How to install the files?

Downloading from Steam Workshop

  • Locate the competition you want to add from Dodgee Gamer’s workshop (link)
  • Click ‘subscribe
Downloading the files directly
  • Download the competition or megapack
  • Copy/extract the files into Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data (create the folder if it is not already there)
  • Start FM21 and start a new career
  • Under ‘Database’ click on the ‘Football Manager 2021’ dropdown menu
  • Make sure the competitions you want are selected (you may also want to add some leagues for the nations you want to manage as well)
  • Start your game as normal and enjoy your international career!
  • Enjoy a more realistic Football Manager 2021
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