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(FM22, my bad...) 5-2-1-2 **** or Heaven - Barcelona & Vale da Rata (Portugal created team lol) 1

This tactic lead me to win titles with barcelona, with Darwin and Mbappe scoring 20, each, at the half of the 2º season in the save (Darwin scored 40+ in his first season without Mbappe), and lead me to climb the ladder from the last division of Portugal to the top with a team created by me (fm editor) with the worst facilities and reputation in portugal.
my first time sharing a tactic to a forum like fm base, because i'm really dumb doing tactics and i easily get tired of fixing it and normally i just do worse after reworking the tactic LOL... so, hf trying it if you feel it could be useful to you :D

Usually I tend to run this tactic with two fast forwards up in front to be easier to create opportunities behind the defense. The offensive midfielder gives plenty of assists. I feel like I don't know how to balance the defense in a weaker team, but with a top team if you use defenders with good ball control its very easy to control the field.

FOR FM22! my bad.......

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