The Official Zealand skin is brought to you by YouTube and Twitch streamer Zealand Shannon in partnership with FMEnhanced.

"This is one of the best FM22 skins available." Liam



  • Within the many sections of the game, users have access to several Zealand tutorials. When a relevant tutorial is available, a discreet YouTube icon will appear in the title bar. Clicking the icon will open the video tutorial in your default web browser.
  • In addition to the in-game tutorials, within the Zealand menu, you will find several links to all of his online social platforms.
  • Capture.PNG

  • The pink and purple elements are gone and have been replaced with dark grey/black and blue Zealand inspired accents. The theme helps to enhance the primary colours of the selected team with redesigned background graphics and accents within news articles etc.

  • Users are able to simulate matches to save time. On the "Team Selection" screen on any match day, a "Simulate Match" icon will appear in the title bar. Simulating a match will produce a 'Post Match Overview' highlighting the Score, Match Stats and Player Ratings.

  • Player profiles have been enhanced with selector panels, tabs and dynamic information which changes with context.
  • All of the important player information is neatly presented beside a much larger picture of the player.
  • You will always have the option to scout a player from their profile page and doing so presents a considerable amount of their scout report. Pros & Cons, Scout Summary and dynamic Transfer Information is all readily available once a scout report is submitted.
  • An information-rich tabbed panel houses most of the important information required when dealing with players.
  • FMEZ.jpg

  • The 'Touchline Tablet' has been modified to show greater information and utilizes more of the on-screen space with greater responsiveness and additional panels. An "Analysis" tab has been added for quick and easy access to all of your important match stats.
  • FMEZ3.jpg

  • FMEZ4.jpg

  • Player Attributes, Analysis Polygons and Comparison Stars have been added to Scout Cards, as well as a Medical Overview.


  • The inbox panel has been tweaked for aesthetic purposes. The search field and options button at the top have been better aligned and colour strips have been added to messages that may require interaction.

  • Player lines (Goalkeeper, Defence, Defensive Midfield, Midfield, Attacking Midfield & Forwards) have been given specific higher contrast colour coding to better distinguish between player lines within the tactics menu and squad tables.

  • The "Selection Info" view has been updated to display more player information by default.

  • FME – Zealand, unlike most other skins, works with all resolutions. The skin is responsive and adapts to screen size. This is especially helpful for players with smaller screens and those who play in windowed mode.

  • Keep an eye out for future updates with added features, improvements and pesky bug fixes.
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Latest updates

  1. FME - Zealand v4.00 (Hotfix 08/01/2022)

    This is a hotfix that quickly fixes a few minor issues with 4.00. - Team Shot Map Panels have...
  2. FME - Zealand v4.00 (Update 07/01/2022)

    v4.00 - Match Panels Rewritten - Touchline Tablet (No Size Limit) - New Match Caption Popups -...
  3. FME - Zealand v3.04 (Hotfix)

    There was a bug with popups if you downloaded an early version of 3.04. Replace it with this one.

Latest reviews

Best Skin I have ever played in any football manager. But now that I started a new safe as Schalke 04 I cannot skip plays in specifically league games and cant skip the game when it started. I also read that it doesnt depend on Schalke its Bundesliga (and 2nd Bundesliga) that have this problem.
I really love this skin and I hope it gets better or updates ever now and then.
Best skin on FM
has a bug in game, when i click on subs in the lower bar it crashes my game
Just one suggestion. One the match screen, when reading from left to right, the positions are the wrong way round. Eg DR is before DL. I find that it'll be nice if DL came before DR.
I really love(d) the skin, had it since day 1 but since the last update the match panels are empty/invisible for me. Is there anyway to fix this? I dont see anyone else with this problem and I have to play with the normal FM skin since over a month because of it :( Here is a pic:
No Social Groups on the Mentoring Pull Down menu... that would make this even better! ☺
Hi Z and team, the skin is really good. I don't know how easy it would be to do so, but I would love if it showed who the captains of the match were on the match screen, especially for youth teams. The captains symbol (C) beside the player on the formation screen would be much appreciated to see if any of my youth players has captained their country!

FM had this implemented in versions before FM21, I don't know why they removed it.
Skin is excellent but since the last update I dont have "simulate match" option anymore on team selection screen.
A fantastic skin.
Very nice skin, would recommend to anyone.

1 question though, when opening my own player, I keep getting the 'scouting needed' text, like here: - is there anything I'm doing wrong?
Hey. You need to clear your cache. I can see from the tactics pitch circles that your game is loading old data saved in your cache. Clear your cache and you'll be fine.