This is a hotfix that quickly fixes a few minor issues with 4.00.

- Team Shot Map Panels have been fixed during a match
- Shouting at Individuals during a Match has been fixed
- Tablet Tabs no longer change between match halves
- Simulate Match button restored

Install and clear your cache!
- Match Panels Rewritten
- Touchline Tablet (No Size Limit)
- New Match Caption Popups
- Match Header Panel Redesigned
- Floating Match Management Buttons
- Redesigned Player Bar Widget
There was a bug with popups if you downloaded an early version of 3.04. Replace it with this one.
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- Attribute change arrows restored.
- Player Bar issues on Match Screen fixed.
- Tweaks to the Player/Staff Popups.
- Position Selector + Position Strength added to Player Popup
- Left Side Match Panel (reset bug) fixed
- Injury Icon added to Match Players Bar
- Player Popup Icon added to Match Players Bar
- Own Team Highlight Colour Restored
- Agreed Playing Time (overlap text bug) fixed
- Player Position Strength Tab added to Player Popup
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- Media Handling added to the Additional Attributes Panel
- Remodelled Training Tab with added functionality
- Scout Assessment Grade is now based on Scout Overview (More accurate)
- Clickable titled have been added to most selector panels
- The Player Popup has been overhauled
- The Timeline has been fixed for Match Highlights
- The Scores + Kits panel has been added by popular demand
- Fixed the currently known issues caused by the FM Update
- Match Panels should no longer reset
- New Home Panel
- Data Hub Colours changed for visibility
- Dynamic Stadium Updated (mini stadium)
- Info Updated on Club Overview
- Best XI removed
- New Custom/Resizable Tab added to Match Tablet
- Tablet panels will no longer reset (bug)
- Some Zoom issues fixed (bug)

- Best XI has been added to the Club Overview tabs panel.
- Info has been added to the Club Overview tabs panel.
- Player faces have been added to the Dressing Room Team Talk.
- Player face sizes have been increased within Training Rating boxes.
- Stadium images have been added to the Fixture Information side panel.
- Average Points Per Game added to the league table (Club Overview).
- Simualte Match is now available during games.
- For the first time ever, you can now see and edit your Starting Lineup from the Club Overview.
- Team & Player stats are now directly accessible from the Club Overview.
- The Facilities link on the Club Overview now directs to Facilties as it should.
- Fixtures & Results on the Club Overview is now a Selector Panel.
- The lag issue should now be fixed.
- League Position arrows have been added to the League Table on the Club Overview.
- Clicking on any result in the Calendar on the Club Overview will bring up the highlights.
- The 4 Scout Report Selector Panels now update as you move form player to player.
- Player foot strength has been restored to the Player Popup.
- In "List" view for scout reports, columns are now customisable.