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Football Manager 2020: Table for Cheat Engine 2020-02-18

Here is a list of features in the current build:
  • Edit Person (Player, Staff, Manager) attributes
  • Edit Club attributes
  • Edit National team attributes
  • Edit Competition attributes
  • View Match attributes
  • Dynamic Lists for Clubs to show Teams and players/staff in the teams
  • Dynamic Lists for Bonus & Clauses in Contracts
  • Dynamic Lists for Relationships
  • Helper Scripts that either run immediately or periodically to:
    • Set Happiness, Fitness Condition/Sharpness, Training Happiness for all squad members of a Club
    • Set Favourability to Max for all members of a club
    • Set Fitness Condition/Sharpness for all squad at the National team (if you are coaching one)
    • Set budgets to high number periodically to allow free spending for recruiting
    • Set contract dates to current day (or back to join date) to help stop offers. (Better to add high value "Minimum Release Fee" to stop offers but both can be used)
    • Prevent Player or Staff Attributes from decreasing during monthly updates
A lot of values seem to be cosmetic and don't impact the game so don't expect everything shown to impact the game.

You'll need Cheat Engine downloaded and installed to use the table.

Slight How-To Use Cheatengine
  1. Open Cheatengine
  2. Click the process icon
    and then select the application you want to attach to.
  3. Next open up the cheat table by clicking on the folder icon
    and selecting the table you want to load.
  4. Select the options as required.
Also worth noting the table will become out of date as the game is updated.

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