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K4L 4-2-3-1 Goal Scoring Tactic

K4L 4-2-3-1 Goal Scoring Tactic 2021-01-19

Final Update of this tactic

As you can see from the picture i attract Striker is Scoring alot of goal and Winger also scoring quite a bit too

Gomes also scoring abit of goal from Corner

Breaking down what each position do so you know what type of player to look for
GK = Good shot stopping and One on One
FB = Good Tackling and Good Crossing Ability
CB = Good Tackling and Position / Anticipation
Defense will play a very high line so you will need your defender to have speed to track back

MCR = The one who will win the ball back for you in the middle of the field, If he got good passing skill and long shot ability you can expect some goal and assist from him
MCL = Your Main Playmaker, he will be the one that will provide the killing pass to unlock the opponent defend. Good passing ability , Set piece ability and vision

AMR / AML = Finishing Ability , Dribbling , Off the ball movement

AMC = Second Playmaker who will also make run into the box to score goal, Passing Vision Finishing Off the ball

Striker = Your main goal scorer if he score you will win by alot if he don't score you will have a close game, Finishing , Heading , Recommend that he have this trait , Run into channel , beat offside trap, Place shot,

I have Fix the all the set piece Routine so you will score goal and not concede much from it

Remind again you need Work rate of at least 12 for all position except for Keeper. If someone got red card sub AMC out. Always go for Demand more touch line instruction if your team is not performing well and always sub out player that have average rating of below 6.9 after 55min

That about it, If this tactic work for you and you like it, please give me rating on it. This is my first time sharing Tactic here. I will probably work on Tika Taka tactic next. And thank for all the feedback that you guys gave it been really helpful.

Happy Football Managing Peep


Ok i made some change to fit into the player that liverpool have

Main problem that i notice is Firmino, he is not a good choice for striker cause he like to drop deep and pass rather than shoot.

You could play Salah at ST but that would leave a hole at AMR which the only other left foot player that we have is Shaqiri who is not good enough to hold down that AMR spot

So what i did is brought in a ST Move Firmino to AMC since Liverpool also don't really have a good AMC but we do have Firmino which fit the role quite well.

As for ST i would suggest go with Haaland who i feel would be perfect( but i have not test it out)
But for first season you cannot get Haaland he won't be willing to move

I figure the thing i look for in my ST is Finishing Composure and Off the ball movement
After extensive search i found Son Heung Min who i thought should be perfect too but so far he have been disappointing to me

Anyway Must buy player that i recommend
1. Dejan Kulusevski ( Jeventus ) He can play second fiddle to Firmino and Salah
2. Esposito ( Inter Loan at SPAL) I really like him from my previous save and he is really cheap to get when you just start the game, He is a much better choice than Origi
3. Eduardo Camavinga ( Stade Rennais) He is a really good CM to have which fit both role in this tactic but he will be very expensive to get

Overall as you can see the only change i made to the starting line up is Son at ST
So far the star of the show is Salah, he is scoring alot of goal that include PK and Freekick
You second most important player surprisingly is Thiago, His passing and play making skill is top notch


Balance out the defense and attack

You score less goal but you also concede less goal