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Mourinho 2010 (Cautious realistic tactic)

Mourinho 2010 (Cautious realistic tactic) 2020-02-05

This is my realistic tactic inspired by Inter 2010 by Jose Mourinho.
More details about this in SI thread there - https://community.sigames.com/topic...mpt-to-create-universal-tactic-for-all-teams/

Image 2.png Image 5.pngImage 4.png

I use no any exploits, but I use few quick tests in few different teams and results better media prediction at least (Almeria, Blackburn, Porto, Man Utd)
If you like to dominate by any team this tactic is not your bro :) But I believe that if you want to play measured this tactic could be useful. This tactic as a real prototype for counter attacks at first, but able to play possession vs defensive teams too.

- No OI's.
- There are no a lot of YC and RC, but if your player has red card, NEVER change CAM. You are need a CAM because he is a core of build of attacks. So you need to move RW because your RB is lateral anyway.
- CAR without PPM of runs forward (he will join for attacks too, but in second phase, as Cambiasso IRL)

If you want to use direct steam link:

Mediafire link

Update 20.2

After analyze of tactic, ME issues and RL tactic I created more solid update:

Mediafire link

Image 3.png

This tactic also is attempt of realistic interpretation without any exploits or cheats, so please dont wait extra results from this

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