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Tested MRCX 4-1-3-2 Let the stars shine 20.4.0

Results from my personal testing:

Brescia: (underdog)
1,68 points per game
2,11 goals scored per game
1,37 goals conceded per game

Burnley: (underdog; worst result out of my testing)
1,55 points per game
1,63 goals scored per game
1,45 goals conceded per game

Newcastle: (underdog)
1,89 points per game
1,95 goals scored per game
1,34 goals conceded per game

Celta Vigo: (mid-table team)
2,18 points per game
2,08 goals scored per game
0,97 goals conceded per game

Note: Of course, the strikers are key for this tactic. That said, I've noticed that there are a few other positions that can return massively if you have fitting players.
Most notably, the IW on the left, the left back and the DLP.

Denis Suarez (IW) returned 10 goals and 12 assists, Lucas Olaza (LWB) returned 2 goals and 17 assists, Rafinha (DLP) returned 5 goals and 16 assists despite missing out few games due to injury.

Allain Saint-Maximin (IW) returned 17 goals and 18 assists.
Sandro Tonali (DLP) returned 7 goals and 12 assists.

I will most certainly add different versions/tweaks on this base later on to highlight specific strengths, they are - however - still in testing now.
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