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MRCX 4-4-1-1 Alba

Today I'll present you the first tactic I've created this year that I'm decently happy with in plug & play testing.

MRCX 4411 Alba - Table.jpg

As you can see, on top of winning the league, what stands out here is the brilliant performance both offensively and defensively, making for a very well rounded tactic overall.
It's worth mentioning that Alisson recorded 24 clean sheets in the league, 7 more than second place.

101 goals scored means the tactic sits at ~2.66 goals scored per game while just 28 goals conceded averages to just ~0.74 goals conceded per game.

Note that this tactic was tested entirely vanilla, meaning no adjustments to set pieces were made whatsoever.
Proper set pieces included are likely to elevate performance even further.
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