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MRCX 4-1-4-1 Double Mezzala - The Return of the King

After sitting out for FM21 I'm back for FM22.

One of the first things I do when a new game (or the beta) comes out is play around with some tactics.
In this case I used a 4-1-4-1 - the formation with which I scored my first huge success in tactic testing back in FM20.

A lot has changed since then, but I came up with a tactic that seems to work quite well with that formation and the double Mezzala approach.

The tactic - which includes attacking corners and attacking long throws - has been tested with ManUnited. No active managing, just setting up the tactic and the preferred line-up, then simulated a whole season.

Results: A healthy 98 points (2.58 points per game) and 105 goals scored for ManUnited. Im usually looking for 90, ideally 95+ points when testing with an elite team in the prem.
Cristiano Ronaldo unsurprisingly came out as topscorer, scoring 4 more than Lukaku in the league.
Surprisingly, Varane came out as the clubs second best goalscorer. This is mainly down to my set-pieces working incredibly well as seen with Bruno Fernandes' assist tally of 26.

Important players for this tactic: A potent lone striker, a CB who is a true aerial threat, a capable corner taker and creativity in central midfield.

I am looking foward to sending this through tactic testing once it's available for FM22.

I wish you fun & success with my tactic. Any feedback/rating is much appreciated!

Tested on 23/10/2021 m.e v22.1.0.0
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