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MRCX 4-3-3 (4-1-2-3) narrow - Pillars

I present to you - 2 versions of my new tactic, MRCX 4-3-3 - Pillars

Both versions include my very own set pieces (attacking corners, attacking throw ins) as well.
Note: You want height in the box, especially at the near post. I opted for both of my CBs at the near post, the striker with the best aerial ability in the center and Pogba at the far post.
You want a left-footed corner taker on the right, a right-footed corner taker on the left.

Both tactics were tested with Manchester United. 1 season was simulated, no micromanaging.

v1: 3 Centre Mids. Basically a flat narrow 4-3-3.
PL: 94 points (2,47 points per game), 118 goals scored (3,11 goals scored per game), 39 goals conceded (1,03 goals conceded per game)
CL: Lost the final against PSG on penalties

v2: 2 Centre Mids, 1 Centre Defensive Mid. Basically a 4-1-2-3 narrow. The idea was to improve the somewhat leaky defense. Ended up stabilising the defense just very slightly, probably not statistically significant, but also stabilise the performance of the team in several other areas by having the CDM. Also some very slight tweaks to set pieces.
PL: 99 points (2,61 points per game), 127 goals scored (3,34 goals scored per game), 36 goals conceded (0,95 goals conceded per game)
CL: Lost the final against Bayern, CDM got sent off.

Any feedback/rating is much appreciated!
I'm looking forward to your comments!
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