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MRCX 4141 Plug&Play (Regista, 2 Mezzalas) 20.2.3

Hello, fellow managers.
Today is a special day, at least for me.
Today I'm presenting what might be the most successful tactic I've created in FM20 so far. To keep things somewhat short, let's move to the details:

As you can see, I've opted for a 4-1-4-1 with 2 Mezzalas and a Regista as its' core.
I'm not gonna go into too much detail describing the set-up and instructions, as most should be self-explanatory, and you can check everything out once you load the tactic.

So far, I have tested this tactic with 4 different teams, at least 3 of which could be considered underdogs (based on the ingame prediction). Below are the league stats. I've simulated one season (holidaying, force AI to use tactic) for each of the clubs.

> AFC Bournemouth, Premier League: Predicted to finish 15th, finished 3rd.
Points per game (PPG): 1,95 (rounded, as are the other numbers)
Goals for per game (GFPG): 2,18
Goals against per game (GAPG): 1,08

> FC Barnsley, Football League Championship: Predicted to finish 24th, finished 3rd.
PPG: 1,83
GFPG: 1,61
GAPG: 1,28

> Real Valladolid, La Liga Santander/Primera División: Predicted to finish 18th, finished 4th.
PPG: 1,92
GFPG: 2,03
GAPG: 1,21

> Real Oviedo, La Liga 1|2|3/Segunda División: Predicted to finish 11th, finished 2nd.
PPG: 2,07
GFPG: 1,48
GAPG: 0,52

As you can see, those are amazing numbers and results throughout testing, with different clubs in different leagues.
I'm intrigued to see whether the testing of FM Base will confirm these results.

What's notable, too, is, that in 3 out of 4 seasons, the striker of the tested team ended up as the top goalscorer in the league.
Sandro (Valladolid) scored 37 goals in the league, Wilson (Bournemouht) scored 34. Woodrow (Barnsley) scored 27.
Ortuño (Oviedo) "only" scored 20 league goals and missed out on first place.
However, Oviedo proved to be rock-solid at the back with this attacking tactic, and their keeper recorded a phenomenal 24 clean sheets throughout the season.
What you can take away from this is that a striker will be worth his money in this tactic.

I'm hoping you're enjoying this tactic as much as I did in testing and playing - any feedback is much appreciated.
For now, I only recommend using this tactic with underdogs or mid-table teams since it has been tested with such teams. Often, the tactics I build for underdogs and mid-table teams end up not working too well on top teams. I will most likely test this tactic with top teams and then update this page.

Edit: Now tested with:
> Manchester City: Won the league.
Lost to Liverpool via penalties in the final of the EFL Cup. Lost to Liverpool in the semi final of the FA Cup.
Reached the CL final after annihilating Liverpool in the semis, narrowly lost to Real Madrid.
PPG: 2,18
GFPG: 2,53
GAPG: 0,97

> Atletico Madrid: finished 3rd; probably the worst result I've got with this tactic considering they're predicted to finish there.
Won the Copa del Rey.
PPG: 2,08
GFPG: 2,18
GAPG: 0,82

> AC Milan: Won the league.
PPG: 2,39
GFPG: 2,16
GAPG: 0,63

> RB Leipzig: Won the league. Scored an obscene amount of goals (7:1 against Augsburg, 8:4 against Mönchengladbach, 8:1 against Hertha BSC)
PPG: 2,32
GFPG: 3,09
GAPG: 0,91

Now, after having this tactic tested with 8 teams, I also want to pool the numbers together (just league stats) and give you an average of everything:
Total number of games: 312
Total number of wins: 195 (62,5%)
Total number of draws: 65 (20,8%)
Total number of losses: 52 (16,7%)

Total PPG: 2,08 (650 points from 312 games)
Total GFPG: 2,12 (662 goals scored in 312 games)
Total GAPG: 0,93 (291 goals conceded in 312 games)

This tactis seems to be universally great, as I hoped it would be. Really proud of that one.

Until then, have fun.
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Used this for 1 Season fully with Milan, Won the Seria A and coppa Italia . I find it a bit frustrating that Rafael leao,Ibrahimovic did not manage to get over 10 goals.. I think combined they managed to get 10-14. Having a good Mezzala is Key as Kessie and Bennacer just tore apar the goal Kessie got 20 goals and bennacer got serie A player of the year .