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MRCX 541 LiberoRPMVolante 20.2.3

Hello everyone. Today I'm presenting a 5-4-1 I've created.

I'll try a slightly shorter format for the description this time.

Formation: 5-4-1
Special/somewhat uncommon aspects: Uses a Roaming Playmaker beside a Segundo Volante as well as a Libero, Wide Playmakers and Inverted Wingbacks

Tested with AFC Bournemouth.
They were predicted to finish 15. in the Premier League (Note: Despite that, I believe that Bournemouth has a very good team for FM20 and should generally easily break into the top 10 even with average tactis)

Results: Finished 4th in the league. Callum Wilson scored 30 goals in 38 PL appearances, 42 goals in 47 appearances overall.
Managed to reach the Carabao Cup Semifinal, where I lost 2-3 on aggregate to later winners Spurs.
FA Cup ambitions were cut short by later winners ManCity in the Fifth round (0-2)

Overall, I'm very, very happy with the results this tactic achieved, especially because I'm a sucker tactics that use somewhat unconventional roles. It's still a very new tactic, so there might be room for even more improvement with some tinkering. Will update a v02 if I manage to make it significantly stronger.
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