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NewGAN Facepack

NewGAN Facepack v2.2

Absolutely amazing! What a tool thanks so much for all your work, youtube video made the install and use very easy to understand.
Was able to get it working on FM19 following A.Fant's instructions for FM20!

One issue I'm having is that the generated faces don't match the match engine characters; for example my ST is a blond, but the generated face is dark brunette hair; and my winger is a dark skinned German player, but the generated face is a typical looking caucasian. Wondering if there's a way to match those up better.
it is excellent, same issue as others though despite multiple downloads/ uninstalls the tool won't open past the installation phase.
I've followed the everything correctly but can't get the newgan app to open. has anyone got a fix?
Seeing as I've gotten it to work perfectly on FM20 and have helped others to do the same I thought I'd post instructions on how to do it here.

The issue on older versions of FM is that you cannot import the "is newgen" filter provided and the tool only works on 10-digit UIDs so there cannot be any real players in the .rtf file you save, so you have to make it yourself which requires the in-game editor so you can filter for hidden variables. Follow the instructions provided, but on step 13 instead of importing the filter you go into "Edit Search", click the arrow next to "Add Condition" -> "Hidden" -> "Is newgen". Then you set the condition to "Is Not" and leave the field blank. That filters the search to only newgens (this is exactly what the imported filter does). Make sure this is the only active condition, so you don't filter away any newgens (and that you don't exclude your own players, the provided instructions tell you how to do this). Then you continue to follow the steps in the provided instructions as written. I got this to work on FM20 but it should work the same on older versions of FM as long as the newgens have 10-digit UIDs and you can import the "SCRIPT FACES player search" view so the correct variables are included in the .rtf file.
Awesome work. That's a must-have add-on.
this will not open the newgen program at all
Worked ONCE, but after that, the NewGAN manager wouldn't boot up, even after I deleted and re-installed more than once. Won't open/run, even if I "run as administrator". Too bad, as I was going to use it for my sign-up save/simulation and all the players I was going to use had no pics. Maybe by FM22 you'll have an actual, functional program.
Ich habe ein Problem, bekomme nicht mehr den NewGan geöffnet, ich habe mehrfach alles deinstaliliert und neuinstalliert, aber lässt sich nicht öffnen...komischerweise funktioniert nur der 1.1, aber 1.2 lässt sich nicht öffnen. Wer kann mir helfen?
First of all, I appreciate the hardwork you and the guys in the background put up to make this revolutionary facepack. And I know that you guys just didn't do this pack just in a midnight, but I ran into a problem which neither your vidoes on Youtube or fmbase and reddit users answer. My problem is that, I simply couldn't get the NewGAN-Manager App and I searched and tried to fix it but wasted 3.5 hours. JUST for the NewGAN-Manager App. I would be happy to get an answer or any kind of reply, but until then I have to rate this a SINGLE star, which I don't believe big creators like you guys deserve. And I'm not trying to insult you guys don't get it wrong, but PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE make these pack easier to work and function.
Awesome, period.
Had no issues beside a few of my players havent been given a player it seems to be only 6 players without faces
Great concept guys, this is tremendous.
A quick question, how does the app assigns race to a player? I've just used the pack to replace my regens for the first time and I noticed while scouting some NT youth teams that a good third of the Argentina/Uruguay/Turkey regens are black. Is it possible that the NewGAN app has a problem with brown skin attribution?
It wouldnt replace my faces after an hour, so i redownloaded teh newgan manager installer and now i wont open
Great pack overall!. Im having the problem with the program not opening sometimes but see on the comments that you have fixed it so will sort it out when it does it next.
Im currently into 2025 and have taken a job with River Plate in Argentina (the first time I used this pack was now). I have noticed that the skin colour is wrong with a lot of the Argintinian Regens. When I right click on the players name the small original pic that appears has a different skin colour to the one provided by the mod.
Will be a must-have addon for fm from now on like facepacks and logopacks.
A word of note for some who - like me - took 6 days of deleting & reinstalling to figure it out: certain 'skins' stop these faces from showing, no matter how many times you reload skin or clear cache. First make sure you switch to the original FM skin - reload, clear cache, etc. and the faces should show if you've done it correctly. Then you can switch back to whatever skin you want.
Everything worked great until i got a new batch of regens so decided to get new faces in. Used the manager but now it says invalid RTF file and 'Parsing RTF'
As a response to my own question - I made a copy of the FMNEWGANv2-folder and namned it FMNEWGANv2 Staff and now I´ve got players AND staff with "real" faces :)
Had the black bar as others had and had nothing happen for ages. So I decided to uninstall the try again. It now doesn't open at all any suggestions ? I followed all the steps but just cant get it to work.