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Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic 2020-01-02

3-4-1-2-LIBERO DOMINATOR-by Vujevic

Due to warios reasons(absence from home,shity FM 19) I finaly started to play Fm on Cristmas day.Like every year there is no any progress with match engine,they only adding stupid features what I never use.
People who watch my You Tube videos the know my poor opinion about Sport interactive and why I never use some features.One of my questins to Sport interactive why no any famous tactican from comunity is not working for Sport interactive,their response was that game is not created for tacticans then for average players who buys the game.

It was not easy task to create sucesfull tactic with this type of match engine but somehow I menaged to do job and my Norwich team won Premiership in first season with 95 points.

For defense I wanted best setup to deal with oponent direct long passes.

When my team is under pressure I wanted to have 5 diferent players who can supply direct passes to my strikers and expose teams who plays with 2 central defenders.

Against teams who plays with deep defense line I wanted to have plenty people in oponent box to minimese chances for sucesfull marking.

All set pieces are done by my shadow striker.

I do only invidual trainings for my players,everthing else including OI is done by my asistant manager.

All players need to have some kind of finishing move(placed shot,shot with power)

Wingbacks need to have good crosing and work rate abilities.

Complete forward on atack must be top player,with decent mobilty and high finishing.

During games where I realy need to score in last 20 min I change team width and tempo to maximum.

Be awere of get stuck in team instruction and also some of players have instruction to tackle hard so you need to be careful.

I tested this only with Norwich,so feel free to try it and tweak it if need.

Coming home in February so then I will do some videos.
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Nice tactic
Vujevic = A security in FM from ages :) well done dude
The best so far..
After trying some useless tactics , and then some mediocre this tactic brought me better results than I seen from virtually any tactic on 20.2 patch so far.
fantastic, deals really well with the broken