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P4 tiki taka tweak 21.5

I used P4s guide about positional play and I tried to mix that style of play with knaps set pieces and a little of tweaks of my own to make a more flexible and default tactic.

I like this tactic because its not a plug and play one. You need to analyse your rival and play depending on that. Against high pressing or top teams i used to change the mentality to balanced and a couple of roles like changing the dlp-s to a half back, for example. There is a stat who says that with 57% of possession or more, your winning chances improve. With bigger teams its normal to be 50/50, but try to increase that stat anyway. Its not an invincible underdog tactic, but if you keep the ball you will defend better against strongest oppositions and you will have more chances.

I think the best way to made this tactic work is improving your possesion, BUT, if you have already a lot of possesion but 0 chances, you can try ofensive mentality and higher tempo to make that possesion more agressive. Definitely, I like because its intuitive with those who likes to play positional game

Train a lot of tecnique and use correct players. It wont work if we havent an arriving on area bbm or at least an ofensive wingback for example. Dont be afraid of change what you want, like a target man instead of a false 9 or a raudmeuter instead of an inside forward. That is depending on your players.

Ill show you some results, including a defeat in the FA final against liverpool and a Champions League win against United, showing you that its normal to win or to lose sometimes, but at least, you have chances of winning everything against everyone reading the game well and with a bit of luck, like in real life...

It would be great to have some feedback, love you.
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