After good persons from SI community clarified me about ME (infinite process to be honest) I realized few things. One of them - mistake to use highpressure in riskly mentalities. My priority is realism and beauty of game, and for now I see a full adventurism of using high lines or/and extremely pressure and why some things didnt work for me as I expected.

Anyway, when I watched EPL another matchday I also noticed that Pep Guardiola is very romanticized by FM members. He plays more careful in compare members tried to reproduce him (including me) in FM. In this way I tested tactic based on Pep's City as I can see this in present days. Actually this tactic created as template for further setups (mostly personally for every opponent), but I checked this tactic by Chelsea and this is looks very good. Beautiful realistic football and nice results

The notes
- Dont care about foot of W and IF
- You can use creative player in DM position if he is good in defence (I use Jorginho and Kovacic when need to give Kante some rest). Just check that your DM player is good in tackles, position, etc attributes for next opponent.
- Be sure that your DLF is good in mental. No something extra likes Teamwork=20 for sure :D For example Abraham is bro, Batshuayi is not :D

Image 8.png

This tactic using overload (this example is offside but its the newest I have)

Image 9.png

Image 10.png

update - I finished season. Not a perfect, some sad defeats and need to buy some players, CB at first. But I see this tactic pretty nice still. If you want to play in something realistic for sure, dont wait some extra results
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