Thank you for checking out this database of mine, and welcome to Pianteh!

This is a custom country of mine that replaces Tajikistan within your FM saves. It is therefore recommended to play without any Tajik logopacks whatsoever.

Without further ado: Pianteh is a country in Asia with close links to Japan, South Korea, and The Netherlands. The league structure consists out of 5 divisions as follows:
Pianteh Premier League: 20 teams
Pianteh Championship: 20 teams
Pianteh League One: 20 teams
Pianteh League Two: 20 teams
Pianteh League Three: 12 teams

All teams in the Premier League have squads of 23 players. Championship and below is pretty much a free-for-all battle for available players. If you are interested in starting in the Championship or lower then my recommendation is that you first simulate a full season and then pick a club. This will also add another layer of randomness to your save as newgens will come through at all clubs in different ways!

If you try out this database and have any questions/issues please let me know and I'll try to answer them!

Here is a map I've made of Pianteh. As of now this is not the final version, but town locations that have been put down already will NOT be relocated.
Pianteh Updated Version.PNG
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