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After having always played with wingers or wide midfielders in all of my tactics I decided to try out making a narrow tactic that spreads out when in possession.
4-1-2-1-2 MEZ X2.png

Just like with my 1 DC tactic I used SC Heerenveen in the Eredivisie for this tactic. For this tactic the goal is to get the assists through the wingbacks and mezzalas while the AF and AM get the goals.
2x mez RESULTS.png

2x mez ED.png

As you can see it was a good season, actually better than the 1 DC tactic by 6 points. Below I will list the goals (G), assists (A), and average rating (AVR) for all positions in the starting lineup across all competitions.

GK: (0G /0A /7.28 AVR)
DR: (0G /10A /7.06 AVR)
DCR: (3G /0A /7.09 AVR)
DCL: (3G /0A /7.00 AVR)
DL: (0G /8A /6.82 AVR)
DM: (3G /2A /7.17 AVR)
MCR: (2G /9A /6.90 AVR)
MCL: (15G /8A /7.25 AVR)
AMC: (15G /13A /7.17 AVR)
STCR: (8G /6A /7.04 AVR)
STCL: (26G /8A /7.58 AVR)

This tells me that in this simulated season the DL and MCR were performing below par and must either be replaced or given separate player instructions to get the most out of them. It also tells me that the AM and AF are indeed the most important players in terms of goals scored. It's also an interesting thing to see that the MCL has gotten that many goals. This is definitely a very enjoyable tactic!
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