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Plug n Play: 3-3-4 Crossing Fest, Tested with Bad Teams and Good Results

Just tried this tactic in the Chilean League with Colo-Colo, this team had the 3rd best squad in this local league and maybe the 30th in Copa Libertadores.

  • Champion in Chile.
  • Reached Semi-Finals in Copa Libertadores.

The Tactic:


  • Consistent tactic: when you watch the games you will feel that your team is playing well and that you should win more often than not, which is great.
  • Lots of shots
  • Lots of shots on targets
  • Lots of xG
  • Lots of Goals
  • Lots of Crossings
  • Few goals against
  • Strong defense


  • Not necessarily a tiki taka sort of tactic, what I mean is that you wont play a beautiful football, this one is more effective though
  • you rely mostly on crossings


  • You play 3 central defenders, the best 3 you can find, strong in header and somewhat quick, the two outside central defender tend to drive the ball because they often have space, so if they have good passing ability is a plus, but not necessary. Playing with back 3 is great here, you never are out of position and with enough players to defend.


  • Your 2 wing-backs, important for this tactic, hopefully they are quick, good crossing and passing ability, dribbling is a plus but not necesary
  • Your DM, I play with the Deel Lying Playmaker. you can try with other types of players here to see what suits you best, i haven't really figured out this position yet.


  • Wingers, i play with right footed winger on the right side, and left footed on the left side, unless you have a star this wont matter much, but if not, play like my recommendation. Crossing is key here, Dribbling and speed is important, finishing and heading is a plus
  • Strikers: Advanced Forward, i play 2 tanks here, with strong aerial game, if they are quick and can dribble its a plus. They will score often

General Recommendations

  • I never change mentality or anything prior to any game, just play the same always.
  • Out of possesion: if you have good tacklers in your team, you can play with tackling "get stuck in" otherwise you will get plenty of red cards
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