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Plug n Play: 3-3-4 Crossing Fest, Tested with Bad Teams and Good Results

Now managing Levante in La Liga (Spain First Division)

Picked up the club in January 2024, they were 18 of 20 in January, goal was to stay in the division.

Used same tactic, the main change is since my team is worse than most teams and I dont have the players I need yet.
  • I play with cautious mentality when playing against a very superior team home or away
  • Balanced mentality when playing against a better or equal squad than mine home or away
  • Positive when playing home against a worse team than mine
  • Attacking when I'm losing in second half.
only changing that in the tactic game to game, managed to stay in division and finished 15th. Next year i made it just short to Europa League in 8th place, and currently I'm in 8th place fighting for the 7th for Europe. (evidence attached, also which was my starting eleven)

Key positions are your wing-backs, they need skill to dribble and cross often, they get a lot of assists, also both of your strikers need to be Target Striker, strong aerial game since most of their goals will be through headers. CBs have to be quick, 13 or 14 pace ideally with also good heading.


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    Levante season 2 team.PNG
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    Levante season 1 team.PNG
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