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Pursuit of Happiness: 4-2-3-1 21.3.0

Pursuit of Happiness:
An attacking 4-2-3-1 formation that creates some beautiful football to watch

Built on a solid foundation this tactic employs two defensive midfielders in the middle of the park to help the transition the ball from one end of the pitch to the other. Coupled with a strong pressing game opponents with be harassed and hurried into making quick decisions. The team defends as a unit with the inside forward and inverted wing backs getting back to help cover the wider areas.

Player Roles & Instructions

GK - Sweeper Keeper (Defend) : A solid keeper with good command of area, communication, aerial reach, one on ones and reflexes. Added bonus would be handling and distribution.
  • No additional instructions
Full Backs (Support): Good stamina and work rate required for the full backs since they will be busy shuffling up and down the flanks over lapping each sides. Crossing isn't a huge requirement but nice to have. Their main role is to provide support for the inside forward and inverted winger as well as the central midfielders.
  • More Direct Passes
  • Cross Less Often
  • Shoot Less Often
  • Close Down More
  • Mark Specific Position (AMR/L)
Ball Playing Defenders (Defend): Solid all round defenders with passing, first touch, strength, heading, aerial reach and mental stats.
  • No additional instructions
Central Midfielders (Defend): The swiss army knife of the formation. These players will be good general midfielders all round with the ability to defend as well as create. They suitably act as deep lying playmakers helping the formation tick over provide a solid outlet to move it through the middle or down the flanks.
  • Take More Risks
  • Shoot Less Often
  • Tackle Harder
  • Mark Tighter
AMC - Attacking Midfielder (Support): Should have the ability to create and finish chances. Will provide link up play between the three attackers and defensive midfielders.
  • Take More Risks
  • Dribble More
  • Shoot Less Often
  • Get Further Forward
  • Roam From Position
  • Move into Channels
AML - Inside Forward (Support): The secondary source of goals from the team. Should have the prowess of finishing chances and creating chances. The player will like to try and pick out the inverted winger running into dangerous spaces as well as setting up the advance forward.
  • Shoot Less Often
AMR - Inverted Winger (Support): The tertiary source of goals. Good dribbling, vision and passing is a must in this position. The player will look to cut inside and dribble at the defence whilst either setting up or taking a shot on themselves.
  • Shoot Less Often
STC - Attacking Forward (Attack): The swaggering peacock of the team. They are your main output of goals and converting chances. I would select a player that has the skillset of a complete forward for this role or a hybrid of a pressing forward and advance forward.
  • No additional instructions

Formation & Team Instructions

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Areas of Goals Scored

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