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playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21 2021-09-12

Got dm'd on discord to add these two, so here you are.

Kung Fu 424 Aaron Lee/Maverick Tweak
Kung Fu 442 Sishen Tweak
Kung Fu 424, both central midfielders are crucial and need defensive and offensive attributes.

4141 Delay, to be used at the 60th minute or after when winning. Has very rarely conceded in the last 30, no need for tactical familiarity eitehr.
I'll update the opening post soooooooooon (please don't quote me on this).

For now I've added the 4141 from StephenHK but also added in a Home/Away version of the 442 done by James-FMFANS.

4141 Iron: Defensively more stable than other versions. Wingers should have a preferred foot for the side they are on.

442 Home/Away Editions:
Home pushes the opponent to the outside to avoid counter attacks, whilst your team play through the middle.
Away let's the opponent come via the middle but presses high and counter attacks.
Added 442v6
Kung Fu 4231 v1.5 - from previous patches and still working really well in 21.4

Kung Fu 4231 v1.6 - Slightly more stable than the 1.5 version. LCM should be more defensive.

Shaolin 4231 DM - Double Pivot. Offensively and defensively stable. Require the midfielders to be good defensively as a priority.

*Will update opening post later.*
424 v3 Stabalised, but very reliant on the central midfielders, they need to be good defensively whilst also quick.

442 v4.5 Goes back to being more positive and more stable.

Will update opening post later.
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Kung Fu 424 v2 A little more defensive and requires the central midfielders to be very well rounded.
Shaolin 424 Much more attacking style of play with offensive full-backs.
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