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playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21 2021-04-17

PlayGM's StephenHK has released his tactics as below.

Notes For All
  • Players with the role of a "Winger" should always have a preferred foot for the side they're on, right, right-footed, left, left-footed.
  • Inverted-Wing Backs are just selected as a normal wingback. For example a left footed wingback can still play in the Left-Back position.
  • No specific training, specific set piece taker, or OIs.
  • Ensure you have OI responsibility over your Assistant Manager as well - Staff > Responsibilities > Set OIs > Manager (You)
  • Tactical Briefings are skipped.
  • Wide players should not have the PPM "Cuts Inside".
  • Any results shown from myself are quick examples of holiday seasons with default squads, so your results will vary and should be even better.
Naming Convention
  • Kung Fu - Stable Tactics
  • Shaolin - Very Offensive
  • Iron - Solid Defensively
  • James - Slight alteration done by JamesFM-Fan from PlayGM specifically for home and away games
    • Home - More narrow, avoids counter attacks
    • Away - Cautious wider play

Kung Fu 442 v6

James's Home 442

James's Away 442

Kung Fu 4231 v1.6


Kung Fu 4231 v1.5

Shaolin 4231DM

Iron 4141

Previous Patches - These can be found in HISTORY of this resource to download.
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