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Teenage Kicks (4-1-4-1) 2.0 for latest ME

Evening all

After struggling with most (all) tactics on this version of the ME, I went into my FM19 save and retrieved my 4141 that helped me dominate Europe (along with some decent players it has to be said).

Before I go on I will say that the tactic started off as someone else's work, I'm sorry that I can't remember who it was as it went through a few different iterations - So absolutely full credit goes to whoever came up with the base. I'm in no way wanting to take any credit for any success (or failure) anyone has - just sharing something I finally found that works for me.

It's called Teenage Kicks simply for the reason that 6 key players in my squad are, in fact, still teenagers, so it seemed apt.

I haven't done any extensive testing, but the screenshots are a view of my early results, squad page and tactic.

I play FM touch, so training is role training only. No OI's.

Hope it helps some of you, and again, whoever created the base of this for FM19 is the one who deserves any credit.


EDIT: I also think it can be improved, the left Mezzala underperforms, so there's room for tweakage.
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