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The 4123 DM Asymmetric: 115points in the Championship, the right way 1

The Intro:

Huddersfield Town: predicted to finished 7th

i created this save/test by choosing a Championship team using the random tool. it gave me Huddersfield Town. i made 0 signings, only one RB in on loan in Jan as i had no full backs

let's start by having a look at the system. this was designed/originated from the 424. my aim was to control the ball as much as possible whilst being effective attacking. i didn't want tiki taka as it's too slow, neither did i want very direct football. in order to control the ball more than the opponent, we need to have the ball! so a lot of closing down from everyone.

The 4123 DM Asymmetric



Approach play:

Mentality (Don't tweak) : set to Control. to control the game and not have players rushing forward too quickly, too soon

Shorter passing (can tweak according to opposition): the aim is to, and importantly, retain possession. can be set to standard against weaker opposition

Pass into space (Don't tweak): expecting you'll have pacey wide players and attackers, great tool to get the ball in front of them instead to their feet, causes danger. also great counter attacking tool

Play out of defence (Don't tweak): again, we want the ball as much as possible, can cause mistakes with poor defenders, but we are not design to kick the ball long from deep

Whipped cross (can tweak): this is set because of my pacey strikers, and incoming players like my wingers and b2b mid. causes mayhem when crosses are whipped and can get the 2nd ball

Run at defence (Don't tweak): this instructs our attacking players to use their dribbling and flair skills. we want to control the ball, but also utilise our fast players for the counter

Fairly narrow (can tweak): this can be tweaked to "fairly wide" against weaker opposition. this instructs our players to use our middle men more, gives time for our wide players to move into space

In Transition:

(Team needs to have high teamwork, work rate, determination, stamina, anticipation and decisions)

Counter-press (Don't tweak): instructs my players to try and gain possession when not in possession

Counter (Don't tweak): instructs players to getting into attacking positions when possession is won

Distribute quickly (can tweak): i just prefer to use this, i can help set up attacking play. but can be a risk play away, specially against big teams

Distribute to full backs (can tweak): again, i just prefer this. my full backs are more comfortable with the ball to their feet than my CBs (i was Huddersfield)

Out Of Possession:

(Defenders need to be fast, good agility and have good marking and positioning)

Very high DL (Don't tweak): we need our players high as possible to reduce space for our opponents so we can win the ball back as quick as we can

Very high LoE (Don't tweak): same reason for DL

Extremely urgent (Don't tweak): again, same reason

Narrow (Don't tweak): instructs team to focus on getting players in the middle when defending

Get stuck in! (can tweak): this is so we can be forceful in tackles but gets a lot of yellow card. Hint. against big teams away, i take this off as my players dive in too soon

The Roles:

GK/sweeper keeper: needs to be a good solid keeper. a shot stopper preferred, as you can concede a lot of shots

Full backs: need to be pacey. having good attacking attributes such as crossing, technique as they'll be involved in attacks. marking, positioning and decisions all important

CBs: need to be good defenders, both in the air and on the floor. needs to be fast as offside trap and high line is being used

DM/playmaker: the motor of your team, he controls play from deep and protects your defence. good playmaking skills and positioning/agility are important

CM/box to box: needs to be a good all round midfielder, good physical stats needed to be up and down the pitch, also good shooting attributes.

RM/inverted winger: unsung hero. he works a lot and is important. needs to be good at creating (passing and crossing) and also a good dribbler

LW/inside forward: almost plays as a 3rd striker, he will score a lot of goals if correct player in position. he's the greedy player

ST/the pair: Poacher will need good anticipation, off the ball and finishing. he is never involved in the build up play. PF, he works hard for your attacking players, and makes space. he needs good teamwork, work rate, physical skills and off the ball

Training: (schedule may be uploaded soon once played of full FM, not FMT)

Individual training:

GK: goalkeeper (defend)

CBs: Ball-playing defender defend (set because we play out of defence, i want defenders improving ball skills too)

FBS: Full backs support

CMs/DMs: ball-winning midfielder support (set to suit tactic, they need to be closing down and act like ball winning midfielders first, in theory)

Wingers: set to roles and duties set in tactic

STs: Pressing forward support (shooting as additional training)


this is before season ended. 4 games left and won the league comfortably first season with no signings.



My team lost to Middlesbrough away (who were 2nd) and then went on a 16 game unbeaten run!


My results before the Middlesbrough game


The Key Players:

Isaac Mbenza: my inside forward. top goalscorer


Alex Pritchard: my inverted winger. top assists. also scored 10 goals


team performance: as you can see, goals were scored many different ways, very hard for opponent to defend!



Other screenshots:



- have a big squad with decent players who can play with this system. i made 0 signings so games i can see the struggle, not having good back up players. back up players performed poorly

- NO set piece routine set up. i added the routine from FM19, but it was too prone to the counter attack so put it back to default.

- if somebody would like to create a shut up shop tactic, that'll be great for users. i hate going defensively and play the same way for the whole game. it has cost me at times though.
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