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The Dale Mk2 - Lg1 to Top 10 Prem in 4 Years - 15/20 FMBase Score - Joint 6th Underdog 2019-12-24

After spending too long downloading other peoples tactics (big respect to Knap as he has always helped me out when i needed it for screen shots etc as i play on an IPad with no PC) i decided to create my own.
I did this on fm18 with good success - and this time around again i have developed a tactic which i found has given me the most success out of all i have tried and has made me fall back in love with fm again.
As you can see results are very good and i am currently walking the Championship in my second season (predicted 20th) using it with essentially the same team. I am confident this would work well with both underdog and top teams (i think with better players it will also be more effective !)

Im not too big on set pieces but have been using Knaps and im more than happy to share screenshots if people would like them.

Any questions let me know!

Season One Key Stats - League One Winners and Checkatrade Trophy WInners
Win ratio - 80%
Draw Ratio- 14%
Loss Ratio - 6%
Average Goals Per Game - 2.4

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Absolutly the best tac at this moment, I have tried evry top tested including knap's sycylian, TFF's. I am looking to upgrade if u are planning develop this hidden gem :D Thx.
Thank you my friend I’m looking to see how it does in the premier with a team of growing quality and keep updating the “journey” as it were from league 1 - really hoping for a European place in the first year so will share the final table on my save at the end of the season

Thanks again ! The kind words mean a lot