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The King's Pack - The Ultimate Face Pack

The King's Pack - The Ultimate Face Pack V 5.0

Improve your Youth Intake with this face pack. New year, new faces! Get 100s of Ultra-realistic faces to use for your intake. You can also check out my Staff Pack for your coaching and non-coaching staff.

Over the past 5 months, I have been designing 100s of faces every month for my Patreons. My work started out a bit sketchy but it has been improving steadily and I’m proud of the growth. This is greatly due to the support I get from my Patreons and they have allowed me to work on my craft and improve their gaming experience. Come join our growing community and help me grow.

April’s Free King’s Pack:

The Regen King is giving away 60 faces to use for your regens. Check out the full Platinum Pack for May 2021 to get more faces. What is in this pack? Well, take a look at some of the faces.

Regen Faces Preview


First ensure that "Show screen IDs in the Title Bar to assist skinning" is ticked by going to Football Manager, Preferences > Interface

1.) Find the face you want in the pack.
2.) Find and note the Unique ID of the player you want to have their face replaced.
3.) Put the face in the "graphics" folder in your FM directory.
4.) Rename it the same as your Unique ID.
5.) Run fmXML.
6.) Reload skin in-game.
7.) Enjoy.

Want More Faces? I’ve Got Them!!

Join our growing community on Discord and get the Diamond & Platinum packs. These include new faces every month, plug and play feature that allows you to download and start playing immediately, and many more…

Visit my Patreon page

Enjoy and I hope you like it.
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