The Ultimate Regen Facepack V3.0 (Bronze Pack) by Cypher

The Ultimate Regen Facepack V3.0 (Bronze Pack) by Cypher 2021-01-12

Regen FMSout Cover II.jpg

I have made a few changes to the faces in this pack due to some of the feedback I got from your comments. They now have clothes on and don't look as feminine a those in the first pack.

I have put some personality into these faces to give you an idea of what kind of player the regen is. Now every time there is a new regen, you can actually look forward to how they look.


First, ensure that "Show screen IDs in the Title Bar to assist skinning" is ticked by going to Football Manager, Preferences > Interface

1.) Find the face you want in the pack.

2.) Find and note the Unique ID of the player you want to have their face replaced.

3.) Put the face in the "graphics" folder in your FM directory.

4.) Rename it the same as your Unique ID.

5.) Run fmXML.

6.) Reload skin in-game.

7.) Enjoy.

I've got plenty of faces!!

To download the Diamond & Platinum packs, get new faces monthly and to be able to auto-assign faces to regens you can
visit my Patreon page.

Faces Presentation I.jpg

Faces Presentation II.jpg

Faces Presentation III.jpg

Faces Presentation IV.jpg

Faces Presentation V.jpg

Faces Presentation VI.jpg

Enjoy and I hope you like it.
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