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The Phantom Menace Attacking 4-4-2 Diamond Wide 2020-05-09

This tactic has been designed based upon the New ME, before uploading it for all to see and use I allowed a small group test it for themselves with great success.

I would strongly recommend that if using this tactic you do so from a pre season start point to gain familiarity.

Pacey players upfront have fun in this tactic, though as you will see through the images attached that it works through all levels across different leagues and standards of football.

These are results obtained through holiday mode using the selected tactic, currently using it for myself with a TNS save of my own and have a 2 perfect league seasons in a row, qualified for the Europa league group stages in my first season and then the champions league group stages the following.

It's mean defensively, fouls conceded will be the fewest in the league, goals from set pieces, corners predominantly as well as throw ins will contribute to a fifth of your total goals at least.

Any feedback is truly appreciated and valued and hope you all enjoy this tactic and the results garnered with it
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clean football, great counter attack , very good in defense very nice tactic and i've try a lot of them well done my friend
Thank you very much for the positive feedback buddy, hugely appreciated and glad you liked what you saw.
great tactic working excellent with variety of team. but you have to make team familiar with it else it won't work