The Red Machine  3-4-2-1

The Red Machine 3-4-2-1 21.2.0

Tactic inspired by Knapp and the revolutionary people of Soviet Russia ;). Creating this tactic I wanted to think outside the box and try to find a formation that you don't really see often. The tactic is heavily carried by the mobile wide midfielders who are responsible of all the width that this formation has to offer. I would recommend using your beloved wing-backs as wide midfielders but I'm pretty sure that a semi-defensive wingers will work as well. Also the midfield as a whole is keen on movement and your team will need a lot of stamina in that area if you are going to use this tactic through the whole season.

I'm pretty new to this tactic as well, and I haven't been able to do loads of testing as of yet which explains the screenshot with only eight games played. Although, I haven't lost yet with this tactic (even in the Champion League against Atletico) there is still a lot to test.

This is my first submission, so I hope you like it <3
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