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VP's Definitely Maybe - 3-2-3-2 - v3 V4

Credit to WicksyFM's 5-3-2 which I used as a base for this.

Been using this tactic for a few seasons now but as you would imagine it has had various 'tweaks' in that time. With Colchester I won League Two, then came 2nd in League One, left to go to Forest where I won the Championship then finished 8th in the Prem before leading them to 4th in the second season despite being favourites for relegation both years. In the end I resigned and took over Real Madrid where things are going very well.

Everything is in the screenshots, mentality is set to attacking but I'd suggest changing depending on the ooponent.

You can see the thread here on Sortitoutsi from when I created it - https://sortitoutsi.net/comments/get/505065

Main reason for posting here is to have it tested, many thanks.​
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  1. V4 Uploaded

    Have uploaded the same version as on Sortitoutsi