This tactic is all about having high intensity to attack and defend, building up the game with short but vertical passes. It's ideal for a team with high determination and natural fitness.

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The formation is 4-4-2 to ensure balance, with 2 players in each section of the field (center defense, center midfield, center attack and both wings). This is important in leagues with low budget or only 5 players on the bench, as you can train players to be effective in both positions from their sector and keep a smaller squad.

The mentality is attacking to ensure your players are commited to vertical soccer. When in possession, they are instructed to play out of defense and work ball into box, passing the ball as short as possible to keep possession while passing into space to make the game more vertical. They are also instructed to play at extremely high tempo to unsettle the opposition and run at defense to progress through dribbling when possible.

The transition is your typical gegenpress, fighting back as soon as possession is lost and immediatly looking for counter-attack. The goalkeeper is instructed to slow pace down to avoid giving out possession, distributing the ball to flanks to take advantage of double wingers in each side.

When out of possession, the players will press as early as possible, with extreme urgency. They are instructed to attack the ball with everything they can and force the opponent movements outside to take advantage of double wingers.

All players have personal instructions to pass it shorter (to keep possession), take more risks (to make the game more vertical), get further forward and dribble more (to gain ground), shoot less often (to work ball into box), tackle harder and mark tighter (to fight with everything for the ball). Defensive wingers are set to cross from byline and center midfielder is set to move into channels, to increase penetration.

Roles are:
SK - Defend: Picks up balls in front of penalty area. He is the only player instructed to take less risks, to make sure your team plays out of defense. Ideal profile: Alisson
BPD - Defend: Defend and initiates counter attacks through short and fast passes. Ideal profile: Virgil Van Dijk
IWB - Support: Protect the flanks when defending and become a center midfielder when attacking, providing numerical advantage for the short passing game. Ideal profile: Trent Alexander-Arnold
DLP - Support: Covers the flanks during attack and uses his vision to decide where the game should flow. Ideal profile: Jordan Henderson
CM - Attack: Protects the midfield and surges into the box when the opportunity arises. Ideal profile: Kevin De Bruyne
DW - Support: Protect the flanks and provide crosses from the byline. Ideal profile: Trent Alexander-Arnold
PF - Attack: Put pressure on defenders so they cannot play out of defense and score most goals in the team. Ideal profile: Roberto Firmino

There are no opposition instructions and no set piece takers.

This tactic is well suited to any kind of team, of any division and any budget. It was tested twice in the Premier League, using the first and last media predicted teams and going in holiday as soon as the tactic is set, without any other sort of interaction. Not only the first team won both times, but the last team also figured around the top. First team had most goals in the championship, having fewest shots against and fewest goals conceded, while second team had the most tackles won and a lot of goals.

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Let me know how the tactic worked for you. Enjoy!
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