Zealand presents: American Tiers '22

Zealand presents: American Tiers '22 1.0

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After decades of broken promises and false starts, US Soccer has finally decided to listen to growing calls for a more European style league from top to bottom. With financial backing from some of America’s wealthiest people and companies, as well as the inclusion of affiliate clubs from all of the other major American sports leagues, the entire pyramid has been rebuilt. With fresh pathways for American talent to flourish, can you lift your club and the US to new heights?

This database replaces the MLS with a 7 level promotion and relegation pyramid with over 1,000 clubs - 90% of which are real or historic clubs, with a priority on accuracy. The top three divisions pay homage to the MLS, NASL, and USL, with the most reputable clubs in the USA battling to earn spots in playoffs to determine promotion and championships. The 4th division is split into four super regional divisions with a shorter league season and a big money super cup in the Spring. The bottom three divisions are split further into 8 total conferences, with a more traditionally European style league setup. All of the regional divisions are where you’ll find the Big 4 Affiliates as well as Indigenous clubs. Each tier provides new and exciting challenges!

There are many pathways to glory, and some are *far* more difficult than others. Start simple with a Premiership team and jump right into competing for CONCACAF, the Club World Cup, and recruiting wonderkids. Go Park to Prem with one of hundreds of Semi-Pro or amateur clubs and fight against giants, fallen and rising, throughout the pyramid. Or step into one of the Big 4 Affiliates and take advantage of outsized reputation and budgets and see how quickly you can fly up the leagues. You can even take over one of the Indigenous clubs and fight against small money and even smaller reputations to rise up. Or, go for all the glory with a Club and Country style save and help the Yanks make a name in world football. The choice is yours!

This database has been fully tested both via auto-simming and play testing to ensure financial realism, balanced challenges, and unique experiences. Additionally included with this database is a graphics pack that will provide logos for all teams, leagues, and cups, kits for every club playable at the beginning of a save, along with team and player awards in every division to further immerse you in your save.

League Structure:
Tesla Major League Premiership
Chase North American Championship
XBox United League
Amazon Prime Divisions (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest)
Netflix Championship (Atlantic, Big Sky, Cascadia, Frontier, Great Lakes, New England, Pacific, Piedmont)
Netflix League 1 (Atlantic, Big Sky, Cascadia, Frontier, Great Lakes, New England, Pacific, Piedmont)
Netflix League 2 (Atlantic, Big Sky, Cascadia, Frontier, Great Lakes, New England, Pacific, Piedmont)

Cup Competitions:
Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (All clubs)
American Outlaw Supporters’ Shield (MLP Winner vs. Open Cup Winner)
Thomas Cahill Memorial Trophy (Top 3 leagues)
Twitch Challenge Cup (Top 6 clubs from each Prime Division)
Whole Foods Consolation Cup (Bottom 6 clubs from each Prime Division)
Phil Woosnam Trophy (Netflix Leagues)
Gerrit Miller Memorial Cup (Netflix League 2)
Sports Interactive U23's Cup
Zealand Media U18’s Cup

An explanation of the Dynamic Relegation System:
The American Tiers database is set up to reliably promote and relegate teams within their regional divisions, so as to avoid an amateur bottom tier team in Hawaii having to trek to New York multiple times a season. In a nutshell, the amount of teams relegated from Levels 4-7 varies from season to season based on the regions of the four teams relegated from the XBox United League. For example, if two clubs from the Atlantic division are relegated from the United League, that means the Amazon Prime Southeastern Division, Netflix Atlantic Championship, League 1 and League 2 will all have two extra clubs relegated. That variable zone is represented by the Relegation Playoff colors on the league tables - so if you’re in that zone, you’re not safe!

Special Thanks to:
- the FM Senpai
krlenjuska - Inventor of the Dynamic Relegation System and member of the SI Editor Hideaway forum
Erionite - Super logos wizard
Muted (@muted79) - Kit maker extraordinaire
Aleris, BigManOnCampus, Bobmanuel22, CrayzeeTaxee, Gamma, hans, Imperator, Jeucoq, LuBm, Makel, mannyhams, MidwestCane, M0xl3y, Ninja Panda, ReeceSteptoe, RisottoMan, RyaMM, Sebe, Tonkaturn, xjoges - Play testing dream team
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