hmm im gonna look at marilunga because he looks good and young :) also gonna try and get yaya sanogo! but i need a player for now is the thing not in three years!also are you being honest about necid? what role did you play him in?
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Odd for a Brazilian, since he doesn´t even look Spanish, doesn´t had an Spanish last name and nothing Spanish..

He played for RM for some time, after a certain time you can acquire citizenship. Maybe he got it from there...
I bought Derdiyok from Leverkusen. He cost 10mil and scored 34 goals in the season..Try him

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lol, if you spend some years in any country (3 years in portugal) you can get that nationality

If you come to England- they give you a house, a job and as much money as you want then you get a 1 subject I know)
Mevlut Erdinc - PSG
Robert Acquafresca - Genoa
Guillaume Hoarau - PSG
Tomas Necid - CSKA
Sergio Flocarri - Lazio
Patrick Helmes - Leverkeusen
Levan Mchedlidze - Empoli
Jan Chramosta - Mladla Bolesav
Lukas Padolski - Koln
Baftembi Gomis - Lyon