3D Kits - Why No Love?

nice one themjt keep working at it and you can make your own 3d kit making thread and help others :D (psstt... me :D)
I'm willing to give it a go.. is there a template?
I posted one earlier in the thread, you can help in mine, Nealls and Foss' megapack thread if you so wish.

Never mind, got it now :) unsure yet, I'll have a mess about and let you know (A)
Don't know what the template is called, but link is here

I have started and can get them in games

As can Neall and Fossmeister as I understand


By the way, What's the password of the Rar file? thanks
Are you on about the kits in 3D mode, e.g. not being able to see the sponsors etc.? If so, I have almost a HD monitor because its a Computer Monitor & TV and I see the sponsors without any edit but its in small writing.
I can do them, got templates etc, just never got round to doing enough for packs