Jul 11, 2010
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I´ve played this game for quite a while on a regular basis but haven´t really put any effort in anything besides the transfer windows. So now I´ve started to develop a tactic from the bottom and it has been going pretty decent!

The tactic
The formation is a 4-3-1-2 and is all about effectiveness, the opponent might have most of the ball possession but they surely won´t score with this kind of midfield. The midfield uses an all-round midfielder, a hard working ball winner and a creative playmaker. Together with a linking attacking midfielder and a poacher/deep-lying striker combination it´s quite deadly.

It uses short passes with a pretty high tempo where the goal is to have a triangular passing game between the MC, Adv PM and the AMC later linking it to the deep lying forward who passes the poacher who scores. While having the option of a supportive right fullback.




I´m very surprised with the results after half the first season, I expected to be in the top 4 but not really 1st and with this lead.

Still I would not expect these kind of result with any other team then man city who can buy a completely new team that fits the tactic. Give the tactic some time, let the players adapt and make the team more and more suitable over the seasons.

I´ve started to use the tactic in my 13/14 Liverpool-save with quite some results.
These games show just how effective this tactic can be, great results despite a minor or huge disadvantage in possession.




Player instructions
Attributes in order
Important attributes
Helpful attributes

Goalkeeper - Any good goalkeeper will do

DL: Fullback - Defend
Tackling, Marking, Positioning, Anticipation, Stamina, Work rate, Acceleration

DCL: Limited Defender - Stopper (The wall, main corner scorer)
Tackling, Determination, Positioning, Bravery, Marking, Jumping, Heading, Strength

DCR: Central Defender - Cover
Marking, Tackling, Heading, Positioning, Jumping, Acceleration, Anticipation, Strength, Determination

DR: Fullback - Support
Acceleration, Crossing, Stamina, Work rate, Tackling, Positioning, Team Work, Marking

MCL: Central Midfielder - Support (Allround)
Passing, Positioning, Off the ball, Creativity, Team work, Decisions, Determination, Long shots

MC: Ball winning Midfielder - Defend (The anchor)
Marking, Strength, Stamina, Work rate, Tackling, Positioning, Bravery, Aggression

MCR: Advanced Playmaker - Support (The creator)
Creativity, Passing, Technique, Decisions, Flair, First touch, Team work

AMC: Attacking Midfielder - Support (The connector)
Technique, Passing, Decisions, Creativity, Work rate, Flair, First touch, Long shots

STCL: Poacher - Attack (The goalscorer)
Finishing, Composure, Dribbling, Acceleration, First touch, Off the ball, Pace, Agility

STCR: Deep lying Forward - Support (Assist king,preferably tall)
Passing, First touch, Creativity, Off the ball, Technique, Dribbling, Strength, Long shots

A team with decent red attributes should perform well.


Set Pieces seem to be resetting to default from time to time, if this happens to anyone I´ve made a list of all the positions set pieces, here

If you have the lead in the late 2nd half, do a defensive substitution. Something like switching the AMC to a DMC and place him in the defensive midfield etc.

Works well for both home and away games
Be aware that you should always play your strongest team in away games, despite opponent (not lower leagues ofc.) and offload them on easy home games.

Assistant opposition instructions
Assistant team talks
Assistant match preparation

Standard pitch size

Patch 11.2.1

Would love some feedback since this is my first tactic, thanks.

Download link
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I don't think it's been accepted yet 'cos I went to download but I didn't have permission to view the page or something along those lines.
Hopefully someone will accept it soon then :)
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Is it possible to put a download link in this topic??? Really like to try this tactic
I have to say it's probably the best tactic I've tried with Liverpool !
Somehow it gets the best out of every player !

My attacking duo Suarez-Carroll is on fire !!!
Some results with PSV Eindhoven:

PSV - Heracles: 0-0 (2 players send off, 35 minute and 60 minute) Still i was better....
NAC - PSV : 1-3
PSV - Excelsior: 2-0
PSV - Omonoia: 3-1 (euro cup)
NEC - PSV : 0-0 NEC had 2 shots, 0 on goal!!!
Omonoia-PSV : 2-2 (let my eserves play this match)
ADO - PSV : 0-4
Dinamo Kiev- PSV : 1-4 (euro cup group stage)
VVV - PSV : 0-0 (verry bad game)
PSV - Sheriff : 2-0 (Euro cup group stage)
Feyenoord-PSV: 0-2
PSV - Roda JC : 4-0
FC Timisoara-PSV: 3-2 (3 shots on goal: 3 goals, bad luck, I was ways better) (also EUro cup game)
Heerenveen-PSV: 1-2
PSV- Vitesse: 3-0
PSV-FC Timisoara: 1-0
AZ-PSV: 0-2
PSV-Ajax: 1-2 (first lost in league, suarez scored 2, my strikers failled this match)
De Graafschap-PSV: 1-3
PSV-Willem 2: 4-0
PSV-FC Twente: 3-0 (Twente is last years Champion)
PSV-DInamo Kiev: 2-1 (Euro cup group stage)
PSV-NAC: 2-0
PSV-Groningen: 1-3 (many injuries my side, defensive played with 2 youth players, still was better, had 5 CCC thay had 0)

Played 17 league games now, won 12, draw 3, lost 2. Scored 36, conceded 8

Also played a few games for the KNVB cup against Amateur clubs, won verry easy with my reserves.

Till now i'm verry happy with the tactic!!! I will post more results during the day
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that is probably best formation for liverpool,i used it in fm10 and i use it on 11 and it works fine with gerrard scoring lot of even beter with suarez/carrol as poacher/target man support (H)
Good formation, attacking wise.
But for me I just give away too many goals, swapped one of the forwards for a defensive midfielder and it's working much better for me now.
Good formation, attacking wise.
But for me I just give away too many goals, swapped one of the forwards for a defensive midfielder and it's working much better for me now.
That might work if you like to play with one striker :)

As I wrote in the thread it´s a good idea to make a defensive substitution if you´ve got the lead. Preferably switch the AMC to a DMC or perhaps a striker to a DMC.

And it´s very important that you have a strong defensive MC since he is pretty much the key of conceding lesser goals.

Happy to see that it´s working for you guys :)
End of 1st season:

League: 2nd, lost a few games, bad luck.
Europa League: Knock out stage 2 round against Spurs, lost away, 1-0 at home 0-0, enough changes, no goals.
KNVB cup: Winner.

In the league we only conceded 20 goals in 38 games, verry nice.

My team plays nice football, the opponent creates less changes.

Thanks Ananasfan!
Just a quick hint:

If your *** man is not particularly good, dont assign him to handle MATCH PREP !!!

After i started doing it by myself, results improved greatly !
looks like a really good tactics
i'm glad i'm not the only one creating tactics without wingers this year
There are some that has tested the tactic, would love if a few more of you could share some thoughts and perhaps some results. :)
I'm on the half of 2nd season.

CL 4the qualification lost of Atletico Madrid, Dutch Supercup lost of Ajax.
But, i can explain why i lost this matches, i've been verry stupid, forgot to plan some friendly's pre-season!!!!!
Had a few changes in first 11.
That is also the reason that i lost my first 3 league games, still my team was better, had some bad luck bijcorners and free-kicks.

After that my team plays verry good, i'm on top of the league now.
Ended 1st in groupstage of EL, have won al 6 games, played against Napoli and valenciennes en APOEL.

Let you know the results on the end of the season
Great tactic mate, i am Everton and getting great results... and I really like how the team plays :) I will post some results later
Started a new game to see how it goes with a smaller team in a top competition.

I choose Espanyol here are my results 2010/2011
Liga BBVA: 6th
Cup of spain: WINNER, beat villareal, getafe, valencia, at. madrid and in the final Real Madrid!!!

Expectation in League BBVA was 11th