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Season 3 Finished!

Season 3 has now finished, and yet again Wrexham have run away with the league, despite the board expectations being to avoid relegation, and pre-season predictions having Wrexham finishing 11th place.

In doing so, Wrexham also beat QPR's League One goalscoring record previously set at 111 goals, by scoring 113 goals.

Wrexham also had a great run in the FA Cup, partly in thanks to the luck of the draw, in reaching the Quarter Finals, losing to Southampton narrowly in a 1-0 defeat away from...

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Ran a quick holiday test

As of 15th november
Nottm Forrest(15th in the table)
15gp 4w 3d 8L -13 ....15p
20 scored, 33 conceded
Higest Emmanuel Dennis 7.06 in 16 games
Lowest Awoyini 6.64 in 16 games

A good result so far for a side tipped for rock bottom. Low individual ratings tho.

A Bilbao (6th in the table)
14gp 7w 3d 4l
19 g scored, 19 conceded
High rat Vencedor 7.17 in 14 games
lowest Nico Williams 6.69 in 13 games

Probably the most succesful of all the sides, and 6th is good for Bilbao. Not too sure about 19 scored and 19 conceded tho. Again, low individual ratings.

Frankfurt (11th)
15g 4w 4d 7l
22scored, 23 conceded
High rat Sow 7.17 in 21
Low rat Muani 6.63 in 24 g

Just disappointing.

Rennes (15th)
14g 4w 4d 6l
19 sco, 21 conc
High rat Gouiri 7.36 in 15
Low rat Truffert 6.72 in 20

In danger of getting sacked here.

I used this with some dark horses/underdogs as going by your own results but overall this wasnt my cup of tea
Thank you for the testing, the feedback is very valuable. I haven't yet tested with other teams.

However, it probaby goes without saying, as with any tactic, it has to suit the players that the club has. I have signed players that suit this tactic's roles pretty well and I think the results show that.
BoardToPitch updated 4-3-3 Pressure Is On with a new update entry:

Season 4 finished!

I'll be honest, the first season in the Championship didn't quite go the way I expected it to.

The board expectations were to attempt to avoid relegation, and the season preview predictions were that Wrexham would finish 18th.

Well, this season Wrexham finished 3rd from bottom in the league... in terms of wage expenditure! £8.21m spent on wages, compared to Southampton topping the wage expenditure league with £48.91m! Only MK Dons and Fleetwood spent less, £7.31m and £4.98m respectively...

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