i have never set up a custom league before, how do i do this as look unreal

tried this, but for some reason everyone's value and asking price is really low... messi value is 8.75 mil.

Started as city to check this, got gotze for 10 mil, suarez and neymar for 12 mil.

Don't know why is that but it kind of ruins the game when you can get any player in the world for 10 mil...
Been experimenting, you need to load default database when setting up game
Every time i click download its saving it as a different format and not the DBC. format, help ?
An issue I've noticed with this whilst playing it is that the information screen is in-existent... Is there any reason for this?
Grettings, I must ay this is an excelent work! LOVE IT :p

Is ther any way to relegate/add teams to any of the leagues editing the xml?
Hello mate,first thanks this league.Well,can I share on my forum?
This is great! Plus there are no speed /game freeze/crash issues (played one and a half season so far with TWO teams - AL AHLY and VELEZ without any of these whereas with the "official" game I tend to get one every couple of game months).

Yes it maybe needs to be streamlined (dunno how tho) but I particularly like the freedom to buy players such as ISLA from JUVE as VELEZ less than 2 seasons in ...
Serios Problems

I love the idea of this and was quite excited playing it. I started a Career with Dortmund. The first problems I noticed where the player values. Lewandowski worth ?4.8m, Mess of Barca only worth ?8m etc. So I went to editor changed the transfer values for the Nation which sorted it. My 2nd major problem was after around a half a dozen games in the UEFA Champions league starts. It gave me a fixture on the same day as a league cup game I had. When I went to start match it just stayed at processing and I had to go on holiday for a day in order to get the results. 3rd problem too many fixtures. I had a week where I was playing a game every 2 days in just over a week. Anyone had similar problems? And has anyone edited it for the better?