Feb 15, 2009
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Hi Guys,

Has anyone been A.D. Alcorcon in Spanish Liga Adelante? I'm currently in my first season 8 games to go and in 2nd place 4 points behind Valladolid and 4 points ahead of Betis. Only bought 1 player in Jan transfer window and that was Mista on a free. Also made it to Quarter Finals of Spanish cup losing on away goals to Barca!!
Wanted to know if anyone has an idea of how much money I'll get and if my stadium will improve, in the hope I do beat the odds and get promoted. Also if anyone has any ideas hints on players to improve my squad please let me know.


I think someone was doing a story as them. Hang on I will find it.

Edit: Here
Yeah I am doing the story and I can tell you to stop playing and pick a different team. I mean this with all honesty as well. Unless you want to go a different route than I do if you read the story. If you still do it best of luck cause like I said it is horrible, and was debating on leaving this year if a team asked me to coach their team.

I am about to finish up my fifth year with them. Its probably the hardest team in the game. I never had a problem using a tier 11 EPL team last year.

Here is a recap of what I did so you don't have to read the whole story.

Don't buy anyone or loan anyone (unless you don't have to pay anything other than salary) until you make money. Buying people will get you stuck (like I am) and you will never get out unless you always finish top 4. Great signing for me the first year was Adriano and Jay DeMerit.

I didn't ask to improve the stadium, but I made it into the playoffs the first year and won promotion. The board was extremely happy so they decided to add 3,000 seats (as you know it starts with 3,000) and I am still stuck at 6,000.

I asked the board this year to add more seats since I have money (have 10 million actually in balance) but since every home game I only sell 2/3 of the stadium. This is finishing in the top half for the past 3 years as well. Board would of said ok, but since we don't sell out already they feel the investment isn't worth it.

Owner will sell the club the first or second year (and pray you get someone who has money) cause that is the only way you will do good.

Buy anyone better than your team who is out on contract. I would say anywhere around 20-28 years old. That cause they can stay on your team for a year or two, cause then you will have better people to buy and replace them. Sell them off to keep your salaries low and you should make some money since they were starters they should improve during your time.

I didn't buy any coaches until like year 3 or 4, but this is up to you and what your preference is. Training grounds are horrible and everything else is so there was no reason for me to buy coaches.

With the small stadium and not able to build it up my wages are so high that I am using around 1.5-1.8 million a month. Lucky for me I have a bunch of good people so I advance so far in the Champs League.

Basically if you have to just buy people and then sell them at the end of the year if you have to make money. I honestly don't know how to really survive with this team and make money. I mean I did spend 13 million on players and the owner was nice to give me 15 million to help with the costs. Still they are amazing and that is where my attack comes from.

If you do continue this please inform me on how you do cause I would like to know. If anyone wants a challenge in this game this is the team to play. I don't think a lot of people would be able to do it, and no editting as well (like more money or rep) cause it seriously is the hardest game I have ever played on this. This is coming from playing as Wroughton in tier 11 in EPL in last years game and got them up to the Champs league.
Wow, was never expecting to hear that response, thank you for the great and honest reply! I have only bought Mista in Jan transfer window, as with my formation of 4-2-3-1 was creating lots, but needed a regular goalscorer, have also got Gael Etock as hot prospect, but aside from them, have same squad of players. A few changes to staff but not major ones. Think I've been lucky with no major injuries and a great team spirit.
I'm guessing that if I do get promoted then I'm not gonna get much to spend in La Liga? I'm the type of manager that if needed I like to sniff out a bargain, train up a younger player or give someone a chance if I feel they could do a job or a few loans if that's what is needed!!
I was looking for a challenge to tide me over till the update with transfers comes out next month, and by the sounds of it have found a huge one.
Will keep u posted how I do, as although it sounds tough, once I'm into a challenge I'm not gonna stop. Update u on this post yeah?


I know if you finish 4th in the La Liga you only get 6.5 million or so. The really nice thing about my second year that helped is that when the seats were being built you played in a 17,000 seater.

I got lucky in my game. Heading into next year my strikers are Tomas Necid, Yaya Sanogo (free transfer), and a regin named Vera (scored 35 goals in 2 years for my team).

I hope that helps, its more of what I experience I just know you don't make any money so you can't build anything and if you try for anything other than the stadium its just a waste of money. Best of luck. Like me I am sticking it out too so we shall see.

Also if you just scroll through my story just look for Transfers (or people bought) and then end of the year for where I bought new players. That should give you a hint on what is going on with who should buy.

Like I said you should buy DeMerit and Adriano for your first season.
Ive got Ander Murillo and Marko Livaja(both on frees) coming in, in my 2nd season. Do u know much about Livaja?
Only have 7 games left, just beat Tenerife 1-0.


No clue about him. You are doing a lot better than me the first year.
Since I finished the year here is something that you can look forward too when you get into the Champs league.

As you can see I finally am over 50 million in budget. Sold some players last year for a total of 23 million and then plus with Champs it was around 29 million. Problem was wages were so high I lost a ton. Wages are even higher this year but I started off the year with a 32 million dollar transfer budget. So there is hope. Just takes me forever to get to the Champs league so hopefully you can get there faster than me.
Thanks for them, I'm close to finishing my 1st season got 6 games left. Will post here, when I finish to let you know how ive done.
Can you tell me how I post pics on here plse?



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Here's league table with 2 games left.

Valladolid pld 41 pts 92
Alcorcon pld 40 pts 86
Betis pld 40 pts 85

My last 2 games of season are:


Couldn't have a tougher last week!!

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Finished my 1st season:

Drew 0-0 with Betis at home.
Beat Valladolid 2-1 away.

Top 3 was:

Valladolid 92pts
Alcorcon 90pts
Betis 89pts

Can't believe it, great triumph. Look forward to La Liga next.

Will keep u updated.
Yeah to take pics all you have to do is go to what you want to take and hit ALT + F9 and it will save a picture in a file called Screenshots. When you are posting just hit "go advanced" and then you will be able to add pictures. When you hit the icon to load screenshots just to your FM 11 folder and find screenshots and then pick the ones you want to use.
Great, thank u. Will get some on here in a short while. Thanks.
Here are some screenshots from just after my last league game in my 1st season.
Not a bad first year. La Liga is way different and best of luck. I hope your tactic is a defensive tactic.
Thanks, have been given 350k to spend and 90k on wages, currently spending 49k on wages!! also balance is -1.8 million due to ground increase, did that improve on your game?
My tactic is 4-2-3-1 normally, but have a standard 4-4-2 and defensive 4-4-1-1 just incase.
How much did the ground increase. I didn't go into negatives but they did it just I moved up. I didn't have that much of a transfer budget or if I did I didn't use it. My salaries wages were 90K and got it up to about 82K which helped me to finish ninth in the league.
Got an increase of 3,000, but at temp ground currently. board said it cost 3mill to upgrade stadium!! im just looking at what positions to improve, any suggestions to bring in?
My team was:
Manu Herrera

Want to keep most of them in my match day team/squad!

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I have brought in Eidur Gudjohnsen, ignasi Miquel and marko livajo on frees and loaned Luis Guilherme and Miquel lopes. Spent 130k on loans. Loaned out Ander Murillo for 525k, even though I just bought him on a free, with view to selling him for 1 million pounds. I'm 2mill in debt and am a month away from start of 2nd season.
Will my chairman sell even though he loves the club?

Yeah he will sell the club this year. I got a new owner in year 2 I believe as well (maybe end of year one). I didn't think it cost me money to build the 3,000 extra seats. You just can't upgrade your stadium for another six years now so don't get discourage and you will want to save your money. Best thing now is to try to get to the ECC or EC the fastest now. It took me four years and that when you saw the post previous where I had 50 million. You will be making some money cause when the stadium is being build you should play in a stadium in Madrid that holds 17,000 people.

If he is still out there I would pick up DeMerit for defense. Your team is looking pretty good so I really don't see too many holes. Thing is that ever year you will improve your squad just watch the wages since you will always lose money now.
Unfortunately Demerit is at another club! My team looks like this at present:
Gk-Manu Herrera
Rb-Miguel Lopes(loan from Porto)
Cb-Manuel Rueda(possibility of signing Alvaro Mejia on free)
Cm-Ruben Sanz
Aml-Paco Montanes

Got a couple young stars for the bench also.

So u reckon my chairman will sell even tho it says he loves the club?

I'm minus 2million at present, no more transfers/loans as feel my squad is capable now. I have 260k left for transfers and 26k available in wages. Will that help clear some debt or how can I do it?


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Oh my stadium that I'm using while mine is upgraded is 17,000 all seater in Getafe!!!!
If you are not going to spend any more money try to put the transfer budget to the salary budget. I told you when they improve it that you will be moving in so you should be making some money and it lasts for most of the season to play in there.

I will say that when the next stadium upgrade comes, and yes I got one finally, its only 3,000 more seats and you can't move they just add so you can only fit like 5,500 in it but still don't sell out.

As for your chairmen he will sell the club. Since you are in the negatives he will most likely sell it off to someone else to get rid of the debt. Sorry I was busy tearing through the league and Champs league with my 950K wage club. Didn't except that type of year, but I won the Champs league and the League. Had the player of the year guy on my team (who I sold), sold my best defender as well in the off-season. They were close to their final years and wanted like 150-200K a week and I couldn't afford that so I had too sell them. I did have over 100 million before adding upgrades to the teams and buying some younger and loan players for the new season.