Jun 15, 2010
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I'm playing him, but he's doing **** all, he never scores and then I lose games because of him because he misses so many chances, its his second season with me and he's scored like 2 goals in 30 games.... I've tried him as a poacher, DLF, AF everything, ****.
I usually play a 4231 control, wide play or 4411 counter. I have destro, graham and ademilson, destro is the best
I've signed and tried him tons of times I agree he's a big pile of dog **** :)
he's great for my newcastle side 15 games in and he's already scored 32 goals, best thing to do is getting another striker over the age of 23+ with high determination to tutor him and he will become a beast, his determination on mine is 18, with pace and acceleration at 17, finishing 18 and first touch 17.
He is awful on my Swansea save too. Michu scores most games, but still misses so many chances! And Ademilson is yet to score, misses so many chances. Going to try sell him in January and get Destro cheap
I'm in my second season, Graham got 27 in his first season, now he's off form and wants to leave because of Destro, I', trying to give ademilson game time with subs and europa league but hes doing **** all
I agree.. he's really overrated by the FM community in general in my opinion.

He turns out to be good with careful training and playing him loads but he just doesn't perform at the start so you really can't give him games..
There are better options out there and I don't think he's really worth even the 5 odd million you have to pay for him..

By the time you've developed him and he's reached his full potential, there'll be much better regens you can buy for cheap.
I'm in 2014, I might sell him, who would be better?
I have actually had quite good experiences with him i have him in my current save with Chelsea in second season and so far he's scored 30 goals in 28 games (23 starts and 5 sub-ons). although it could be my very creative attacking midfield (hazard on the left mata in the middle and gotze on the right) setting up most of the goals for him.
He was quality for me. Something like 200 league goals for Celtic before I sold him to Southampton for £25 million. Make sure you train him up in his composure and his physicals, and as others have said tutor him. Play him as a poacher with a deep lying forward supporting him, one support winger and one attack winger and you're sorted. Before any of you say the SPL is crappier (which it is) I will make the point that he scored many goals in Europe for me against the best of the best. I think they key to him being successful is finding him the right partner. I partnered him with Andy Carroll and they tore Europe to pieces.
If you cannot get anything out of Ademilson, it's your tactics and training. The best thing to do the first season is have him available for the reserves and use him off the bench with your first team. I have no problems getting 15+ goals from him off the bench as a poacher.
I had him in a Norwich save for 10 seasons. Every season except the first 2 he scored 30+, two seasons he broke into the 50s! Played from 4-2-3-1 with him as Target man to 4-2-3-1 with wide wingers and him as AM (retrained). Needs composure up and make him your main man; and he bangs them in. Give him time and try different tactics.
Ademilson is amazing on my arsenal save! He got something like 34 in 42 games as a poacher with giroud 2nd season. worth £5.25 million.
His potential is different in every game you start, but if you're judging while he's still like 20 it's still a good couple of seasons til you can get the best out of him.. He's just a finisher, straight up, won't really go on many mad runs and score individual efforts, but put a creative midfield behind him and he'll be ******** goals
I bought Ademilson for $4.6M for my SC Freiburg team and I have to say he plays amazing. 54 goals scored in 38 matches for the first season, 30 goals in 27 matches season 2, 15 goals in 22 matches season 3, and 28 goals in 32 matches season 4.
He scores loads in corners, and i play him as a lone striker. He does play **** from time to time missing completely open goals, and he gets injured alot which is a bother, using him too much. Manage to win the german first division 3 seasons in a row... got bored of the save tho.
I use him as a poacher at 3-4-1-2 formation. Wellington nem is behind him as AP and Destro is pairing him up front in the second season. In two seasons combined he scored 8 goals. He has good attributes but I find him tremendously overrated
View attachment 307331 in my current save, this is the best he's ever been for me, subbing on for la fondre, he is now ready to take over and is doing good enough for reading i guess, playing advanced forward.. PPM's he's learned are places shots and moves into channels.
started giving him some games with your instructions and stuff and he's started bagging a few, hopefully this is the start of something good!
Got him in my arsenal save and his useless tried having him tutored by Giroud and Llorenta and hasnt improved at all into my 4 season now no one wants to buy him and now gone on loan for a season